Sunday, July 5, 2020

Night train to Uppsala

 Today I'm returning from Boden to Stockholm. The night train is re-routed to take the road through Ånge and Ljusdal. Also, I will be traveling to Uppsala and later on to Örebro today.

I'm waking up with sunny weather.
The train is somewhere between Bräcke and Ånge at this time
Lake Dysjön

I'm traveling in my own private couchette compartment today, which is the first time for me. 
Breakfast in the compartment. 
The train does not stop anywhere between Vännäs and Gävle on this route

Ljungan river

Mb 4005

This part of Norra stambanan (Northern mainline) has a double track between Ånge and Ramsjö.

It may be more spacious in the Couchette compartment, but the bed is harder, you have to prepare the bed yourself and the bed covering is not warm enough. So, it is better to be in the Sleeper compartment next time.

Here is a short stretch of double track south of Ljusdal

Ljusnan river


TMZ 1419

Arriving at rainy Uppsala
To get from Uppsala to Örebro, I'm taking SJ Intercity to Sala, then SJ Regional trains to Västerås and Örebro. This is the fastest way today due to railway works at Mälarbanan and south of Stockholm C.
Double set of X50 trains

At Örebro the rain is over and it is getting sunny

Later on, I'm taking the trains back to Stockholm, through Hallsberg. Here is a Tågab train from Örebro to Hallsberg

Rc3 1041 

My train from Hallsberg to Stockholm (Flemingsberg) is this ER1


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