Saturday, July 4, 2020

Älvsbyn, Jörn

Today I'm traveling north to Älvsbyn and Jörn with the night train.

Due to railway works, the train is taking another route through Lågsele and Vännäs instead of Sundsvall and Umeå. I will not see much of the other route though, since it will be in the middle of the night.

SJ Regional to Uppsala with Rc6 1363
Rc6 1334 from SSRT
I'm traveling in a 2nd class compartment
I've bought some warm food at Vapiano near the central station

At 6:47 on the next morning, I'm arriving at Älvsbyn

The train continues to Boden and Luleå

"Keep distance" 
It's not that difficult to keep the distance, it's hardly anyone here
I'm visiting the old railway bridge over Piteälven, now it is possible to walk here
The new railway bridge was built just next to the old one

Älvsbyn church

I'm back at the station

I'm now taking Norrtåg from Älvsbyn to Jörn
Unfortunately, the sunny weather is over for today, I will be spending my day in Jörn with rain
X52 9016 from Transitio is used here for service Luleå-Umeå

Inside Jörn station

1h delayed night train is arriving at Jörn now
There are two daily night trains to the north

The first freight train I see today is RRS 42408 from Umeå to Gammelstad
Rd2 1122
The train is using  a sidetrack for a stop
Train 41919 is traveling at full speed 
ARE train with El16 2204

The old railway hotel 

Still red light
Freight wagons from Real Rail Sweden (part of Sandahl freight company)

Next is the train 41905

185 712 Traxx

Now it's the green light

Train 4005, North Rail Express

Rc4 1150 and 1174

I'm walking one of the main streets in Jörn, Järnvägsgatan

It's raining a lot, but it's not cold

Outside the supermarket, I can spot a sign of a summer cafe nearby
It's an outdoor cafe with a marquee roof, very cozy inside in the rain 

At the station, I can spot train 42502 from Ånge to Gammelstad

Rc4 1269

It's the green light, but the train has stopped here for some reason

The cargo is labeled "Skåne Norrland"
And "Göteborg Norrland"

Finally, the train is set in motion
Train 41914
El16 2203

Train 4371 from Aitik to Skelleftehamn
Rc4 1254 and 1251

Train 9106 from Luleå to Borlänge
Mb 4003 and 4002

Train 41862 from Piteå to Vännäs

243 109 and 243 001 (former 193 923), Vectron AC

ARE train 63050
185 708

Norrtåg to Luleå

Train 69712
185 708

Train 9118
Re 1434 and 1425

The locomotives are changing direction here in Boden

Rc4 1269
Train 42502

Now it's getting sunny again
Locomotives parked at Boden

My night train back to Stockholm

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