Thursday, July 23, 2020

Caserta, Termoli, Pesaro, Rimini Miramare

I'm on my way from Sicily to Rimini, waking up near Naples.
The train has just left Salerno, and will be arriving at Napoli Centrale shortly
Mount Vesuvius

Napoli Centrale
This train has also Deluxe/Excelsior car, probably the same one that I was taking the night before
FS Class E.464

After a quick breakfast at the station, it is time to continue.
Today I will be traveling from one coast to another, i.e. from Tyrrhenian to Adriatic sea
I could not find direct trains from one coast to another, so I have to first take a Regional train to Caserta
On Regional trains, there is no requirement to book a seat, instead, some seats are indicated as unavailable

On this particular train, there was almost nobody

DE520 is a diesel locomotive from Czechia

The locomotive was here at Caserta to help some stranded EMU's
From Caserta I will be taking a Frecciargento train to Foggia

Traveling on Naples-Foggia railway


My next train is an Intercity

The Adriatic railway is the railway from Ancona to Lecce that runs along the Adriatic Coast of Italy, following it almost all of the way. It is one of the main lines of the Italian rail system and links the northern cities with the most important productive areas of central and southern Italy. The railway was built by the Società per le Strade Ferrate Meridionali, between 1863 and 1872. (Wikipedia)
A short stop at Termoli


Hotel Corona, maybe time to change the name...

From Termoli I'm taking the ETR700 train, aka AnsaldoBreda V250
The V250 is a high-speed train, designed by Pininfarina and built by AnsaldoBreda to operate on the Fyra-service, a high-speed train of NS International and NMBS/SNCB between Amsterdam and Brussels with a branch to Breda on the newly built HSL-Zuid in the Netherlands and its extension HSL 4 in Belgium.
V250s were delivered with a significant delay. Full commercial services with V250 started on 9 December 2012 but stopped only 39 days later on 17 January 2013, after the Belgian Railway Inspection Agency had suspended the operating license. This happened because of safety and structural problems with the construction and maintenance of V250. All were removed from service and sent back to AnsaldoBreda in Italy.
In August 2017, Trenitalia purchased all 19 V250 sets to expand its high-speed fleet and rebranded them as ETR700s. After being refurbished, they entered service on Frecciargento services, on the Adriatic railway, between Milan and Lecce in 2019. Seventeen sets will be used for services, with the remaining two used as sources of spares. (Wikipedia)
In 2009 I saw this train in Amsterdam, back then it was still in the test period

Complimentary prosecco in 1st class

Salty snack


My next stop is at Pesaro, which is not far from Rimini Miramare station where I'm heading at
FS Class E.402B

Minuetto train ALe 501-502, from Alstom Coradia Meridian family
ETR425 "Jazz", also a member of the Alstom Coradia Meridian family but this one is from 3rd generation
Minuetto (to the right) was manufactured 2003-2010, while Jazz (to the left) was manufactured 2014-2019
The line here is used both by passenger and freight trains
FS Class E.652 is a locomotive from the 80's, nicknamed Tigre ("tiger").

ETR521, "Rock" is the new EMU manufactured by Hitachi Rail

From Pesaro to Rimini Miramare, I'm taking this Regional train with Vivalto cars

Rimini Miramare
E190 321, ES64U4 "Taurus"

Somebody else is also taking pictures

Intercity train

191 027, Vectron DC

FS Class E.414

ETR104 "Pop"

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