Saturday, July 11, 2020

Krokvik, Kaisepakte, Vassijaure

Today I'm returning to Katterjåkk, almost 2 months since I was visiting the place last time. Back then in May, it was a lot of snow there, but very nice weather. This time it won't be much snow, but the weather will be shifting from rain to sun.

I'm traveling in a Sleeper compartment, this time I got an extra big (for disabled people). I did not choose it myself, it was decided by the booking system.

This train was supposed to go all the way to Kiruna, with a reasonable time for waking up. 
Due to Covid, the night trains are suspended north of Boden during all summer, so the passengers have to change trains at 5 in the morning from the Night train to the Intercity train.
I think it is a bit stupid, but SJ claimed that there is no possibility to clean trains if it can't be done in Narvik. Due to closed borders, no trains are continuing to Norway, this the cleaning is done in Luleå.
This time of the year, there are many hitchhikers traveling to Abisko, so the Intercity train was extra long with free seating.

Just like last time, I'm renting a car in Kiruna and continuing by car to Katterjåkk.
At Krokvik I'm making a stop to spot IORE and SJ trains

This is the same train I took from Boden this morning
Rc6 1411

Not far from Kiruna I can spot a huge herd of raindeers

I'm standing on the road taking some photos, but it seems that they do get scared of me anyway

At Rautas river a man is showing me the catch of the day

Train 9907

The impressive station of Kaisepakte

Torneträsk lake
Train 9912

SJ Intercity is returning from Abisko


The same train now reaching Abisko

Summer flowers in the north
Abisko station seen from the road

I'm visiting a waterfall near Björkliden
Silverfallet, Rakkasjåkka

It may look like a warm sunny beach, but the water is ice cold here even in the summer



This time I'm staying at Katterjokk apartments further down

The station at Katterjåkk has a waiting hall

I'm visiting another small station here - Låktatjåkka

Låktatjåkka station

4 broken wagons are still here

Train 9915

Train 9914

Train 41914

185 698 Traxx

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