Saturday, February 29, 2020


Once again I'm visiting Bräcke. This time the weather is much better.
 On my way, I take photos directly from the window of the train.




 Green Cargo train to Helsingborg at Arbrå


 Not much snow on the ground, but the ski resort is open.




 The more north, the more snow on the ground



 SJ Intercity train continues to Åre

 Bräcke church

 Bräcke old cemetery

 Norrtåg is operating the line between Sundsvall and Storlien

 Norwegian Vy is operating Norrtåg services

 X62 train

 Jämtkrogen - the restaurant and hotel

 I was expecting many freight trains here, but I will see just two CargoNet trains
 Train 41919

 CargoNet El 16 2209

 Train 41905

 This time it is a Traxx AC2 185 700-3

 On my way back, I'm taking the train to Sundsvall


The train from Sundsvall to Stockholm is fully booked

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