Sunday, February 2, 2020

Eskilstuna, Arboga

Today I'll make a short trip to Eskilstuna and Arboga
 I'm taking a route through Katrineholm
 SJ Intercity from Stockholm is arriving 2 minutes before departure of the SJ Regional train to Eskilstuna
 I just have to switch to the other side of the platform

 X50 9002 at Eskilstuna station

 ER1 train arriving from Arboga

 X12 3193

 Eskilstuna station

 Train 40785 from Borlänge to Kimstad
 Vectron 243 114

 Inside ER1

 ER1 at Arboga

 Train 9133 from Borlänge to Oxelösund
 Br5334, Traxx AC2


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