Saturday, February 22, 2020

Kristinehamn, Grängesberg

During some days ahead I was planning to take Tågab trains on the different routes they are now offering. Today it will be a round trip from Kristinehamn to Grängesberg, on the way up through Storfors and Nykroppa, on the way down through Daglösen and Kil. 
 First, some trainspotting of other Tågab trains this day.
 First is the Tågab train to Stockholm arriving here at Degerfors. 143 064 is an Rc3 locomotive that Tågab bought from Hector Rail recently
 The locomotive was manufactured in 1971 by ASEA
 The coaches in this train are the B7, B5, BS5, A2

 At Kristinehamn, I can spot even more trains

 X52 9081 from VTAB arriving at Kristinehamn

 Timetable for Tågab trains

 Tågab train from Stockholm to Göteborg
 Rc3 1063
 This train has coaches: B1, B1, ABS5, AB3
 Here in Kristinehamn, the train will get more cars that will arrive shortly from Falun

 Inlandsbanan from Nykroppa

 Train from Falun is arriving

 Rc3 1062
 Only two cars on this train: AB3 and BS5
 MZ from Denmark has been painted here in Kristinehamn
 The train from Falun is driving back to connect with the Stockholm train

 Now there are 6 cars
 Not often one sees the EG locomotive in Sweden, except maybe in Malmö
 EG 3102 and MZ 1449 are heading back to Denmark
 The train has number 62188

 Refil for the Tågab bistro to Göteborg

 The train from Göteborg is arriving

 The train has two X10 trains which are being split here in Kristinehamn
 3201 terminates here in Kristinehamn, while the 3203 continues to Falun

 There is a mixture of different kinds of seats. Previously it had 3+2 seating layout, now it's 2+2


 Previously served as commuter train in Stockholm, it has now been upgraded for the Intercity services which means that there is now both a WC and a Kiosk onboard

 Only the middle doors are used in one of the cars, the others are now used for luggage storage

 Railway from Frövi

 Between Ställdalen and Grängesberg, there are actually two railways

 X10 3203 at Grängesberg

 Now it's time for a long walk before my return journey

 GBBJ museum

 The museum was closed today, it's open only in summer
 Historical sights of Grängesberg

 "...some of Europe's richest deposits of iron ore"

 Today it's all closed and abandoned

 Former railway bridge

 Källfallet area

 A house before renovation
 ...and after
 In progress

 Gränges beer is manufactured here

 Train 40493 Borlänge-Grums

 243 118 "Kruckenberg" is a Vectron AC DPM

 Train 9130 Oxelösund-Borlänge

 Br 5406 is a Traxx F140 AC2 previously painted in red DB livery

 9130 stops here, waiting for two passenger trains to pass

 First is the TiB train to Örebro

 Next is the Tågab X10 returning back from Falun






 At Nykroppa the train is taking a north route to Kil instead of a direct route to Kristinehamn

 Between Grythyttan and Kil there are no stops, a journey of about 1h

 At Sandmon, we can catch up the Hector Rail train that was passing by Grängesberg earlier




 The train will now change direction here
 Many passengers are changing for another Tågab to Göteborg here
 The grey seats can be booked
 The green ones are not bookable
 Tågab to Göteborg


 X2 train

 New track in central Karlstad



 Final stop - Kristinehamn

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