Saturday, February 15, 2020


Today I'm visiting the station of Gnarp, one of the smaller stops along Ostkustbanan railway.
 The new bridge and the station are being constructed at Njurundabommen

 X55 at Sundsvall

 X55 from Umeå

 Former station building in Sundsvall

 Today it is a casino

 The railway through central Sundsvall
 SJ Snabbtåg did not stop at Gnarp, so I have to the Regional service from X-trafik

 X52 9046

 At Gnarp, it is sunny

 Gnarp is not a large town, with only about 1000 residents
 Former roundhouse

 X55 train passing by

 X52 9043


 Many railway crossing in central Sundsvall

 Gustaf Adolf church

 Sundsvall Västra station
 Only two trains left today from this station. My way back home will go through Ånge.

 I'm now taking X62 Norrtåg to Ånge


 The huge rail yard at Ånge

 Dinner at the station restaurant
 SJ Snabbtåg to Åre

SJ Intercity back to Stockholm

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