Monday, February 24, 2020

Vretstorp, Laxå, Degerfors

Today I'm travelling to Vretstorp, which is a town near Hallsberg.
 Vretstorp has no station anymore, but a very busy railway from/to Hallsberg and the directions towards Göteborg, Stockholm, and Karlstad. X40 train here on the route Stockholm-Göteborg
 Train 5560 Sävenäs-Hallsberg

 Rc4 1290 painted with orange livery (the original one for Rc locomotive)

 X51 9018 at Dunsjö/Rusala

 Train 5360 Nässjö-Hallsberg

 Rd2 1091

 Snavlunda church
 X52 9083



 Train 5661 Hallsberg-Grums
 Rc4 1252

 Train 6612 Degerfors-Hallsberg
 Rd2 1134

 Train 5562 Sävenäs-Hallsberg
 Rd2 1119

 Tågfrakt AB train 69692 Folkesta-Skandiahamnen

 Rc4 1164

 Train 9050 Skandiahamnen-Borlänge
 Rd2 1082 and Rc4 1154

 SJ Intercity to Karlstad

 Rc6 1358

 CFL Cargo train 49520 Skandiahamnen-Avesta Krylbo

 Rc4 1156

 Taking a walk around Vretstorp

 There is a railway crossing in central Vretstorp, which is a bit unusual with this busy railway

 Hectorrail train 30431 Snyten-Laxå and previously train 41815 Timrå-Snyten

 243 111 Vectron
 142 212

 Train 4451 Södertälje hamn - Göteborg Skandiahamnen

 Rc4 1167

 Tågab train 48700 Hasselfors-Fliskär

 Rc2 008

 Train 5540 Göteborg Skandiahamnen-Eskilstuna at Laxå
 Rc4 1196

 5540 has stopped since the two Hector rail locomotives were changing directions here at Laxå

 5540 is re-routed to the other track

 More Hectorrail, here is train 61433 Hallsberg-Skövde
 243 106
 The train will be switching to the sidetrack for the loading of the freight

 SJ Intercity to Göteborg

 Y31 from Mariestad

 X55 at Degerfors

 Hectorrail train 40225 Bofors-Degerfors

 T43 229 from NRFAB

 Train 47226 Kristinehamn-Falköping
 Rc2 007

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