Saturday, March 7, 2020

Enafors, Järpen, Undersåker, Åre, Duved

This winter has been extremely warm in Stockholm area, so to experience some real winter I have planned to head north to Åre. Sweden has already had its first corona case, but it will be only after the Spring break that the real pandemic begins.
 I'm taking the night train to Duved, before entering the train I'm visiting the lounge at Stockholm C.

 Trains 72/92 to Duved and Luleå departs 21:08

 Sleeper compartment with WC/shower

 Rc6 1326 from Trafikverket, operated by SJ
 The old type of sleeper compartment

 Next morning I'm waking up in real winter land


At Undersåker we find out that the locomotive is broken, and the train will not continue
This is a long night train, but the crew is proposing all passengers to take the next Norrtåg X62 train to continue the journey

X62 Norrtåg with direction Sundsvall.
In a short moment, a similar train will arrive bound for Åre and Storlien and it will be completely full (I'm not taking photos with so many people).
After Åre, the train is almost empy

Corona has already arrived at Åre area
I'm visiting several stations along with the Mittbanan, the railway that stretches from Sundsvall to Storlien and continues as Meråkerbanen to Trondheim
The line on the Swedish side is electrified until the border with Norway. After the electrification is completed the direct trains will travel between Stockholm and Trondheim.
X62 at Enafors station

The station is from 1881 and it is considered to be the best preserved one at the Mittbanan railway

There has been snowing a lot this year in this area

Guarding dog

The trains here are not frequent, only twice per day in each direction
When passing by Duved, I can see the night train has finally got some help from another locomotive. This is good news because I will take the same night train back later tonight.

Arriving at Järpen
Many stations here has the same or similar design and colour

Railway bridge in Järpen

Old roundhouse

Local beer


From Järpen I'm taking a local bus to Undersåker

Undersåker station

Bridge over Indalsälven

SJ Intercity train from Stockholm
Rc6 1364

Tourism in Åre started as King Oscar II in 1882 supervised construction of the Östersund–Trondheim railway. With this new railway, many people came to Åre to breathe the fresh air and to walk to the top of Åreskutan. They were soon known as "air-guests" (Wikipedia)

The old station in Åre

In 1910, the funicular Åre Bergbana was built and was the third one in Sweden after the one in Skansen in Stockholm (1898) and the one in Kiruna (1907). This was a more convenient way for the air-guests to reach the top of Åreskutan. (Wikipedia)

Much fewer people on the way down

I'm now taking the cable car to Åreskutan
Åreskutan is a 1,420-metre-high mountain at Åre in Jämtland in central Sweden. It is one of the better-known mountains in Sweden. The mountain massif features the largest ski resort area in Sweden. (Wikipedia)

The cable car opened in 1976 but there are plans to dismount it
Much colder up here

The view is breathtaking

There is a more modern cable car

There is a bar on top of the mountain

On the way down

The old railway station from 1882 and further away the new station from 2006

There is a bar in the old railway station

I'm now taking the train to Duved where I will be boarding the night train
The night train at Duved

Rc6 1365
Rc6 1326

Duved station

Ski slope in Duved

Local supermarket

This time I will be travelling in WL1 car - which was built in 1960's
There is a shower in WL1

Restaurant car

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