Thursday, February 27, 2020

Degerfors to Nässjö

Today I'm taking a direct train from Degerfors to Nässjö operated by Tågab. The whole route is between Karlstad and Alvesta.
 In the morning I arrive at Degerfors

 NTAB train 62318 from Kil to Gnesta

 Rc4 1148
 Qla 3001


 Degerfors church

 Rc4 1254

 VTAB train 8913 with X52 9081

 STAB train 33165 from Nässjö to Kristinehamn
 TMX 1012 and 1031

 Tågab train is arriving

 Only 3 cars, so far quite empty



 SJ Intercity train

 Switching on Västra Stambanan railway
 1st class compartment


 Hallsberg railyard

 Many different locomotives parked here

 Rc4 1290

 A longer stop at Hallsberg

 Rc3 1063

 The freight train seen earlier at Hallsberg is now near Skymossen


 The railway between Hallsberg and Mjölby has been upgraded



 Motala verkstad


 Lake Vänern

 At the end of the winter, there is finally a thin layer of snow








 The train continues to Alvesta

 The freight train from Hallsberg has now also reached Nässjö on its way to Malmö

 Lunch at local cafe
 Now I'm taking Snälltåget to Norrköping


 This Snälltåget has older (non refurbished) cars


 Norrköping station built in 1866

 My next train is this X12
 The train was completely full. It has no mandatory seat reservation, but it's strange that such a short train is used on this heavily used line.
 My last train today is a Tågab from Stockholm to Karlstad

 Back at Degerfors

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