Saturday, February 1, 2020

Västeraspby, Kramfors, Härnösand

Today I'm traveling north to the region of Västernorrland.

 First stop is Sundsvall
 X55 3346
 Rc6 1398
 X62 001

 Rd2 1101

 Sundsvall C
 Rc4 1316

 X55 arriving from Umeå

 Td 0368

 I'm now taking Norrtåg further north of Sundsvall


 Arriving at Västeraspby station

 Train 41837 from Långsele to Dynäs
 142 212 "Jeffries"

 The line here is equipped with ERTMS, hence Class 142 locomotive used here was upgraded with this standard.

 There is really not much to see here at Västeraspby, which is why this station is called ghost station

 Train 9604 from Dynäs to Ånge

 The only road to the station

 There is an airport 1.5km away from the station

 My next train will take me to Kramfors
 X62 002 at Kramfors

 The station at Kramfors is open at night for the arrival and departure of the night train

 Apartment rental for 2500SEK/month

 X52 9062
 This train is named "The green train" as it was used to set the speed record of 303km/h

 "Visit our Bistro"

 A good beer at the local pub

X55 back to Stockholm

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