Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Tinglev, Hannover

Today I'm leaving Denmark on my way to Germany.
Roskilde station
The first railway in Denmark opened in 1847 between Copenhagen and Roskilde

ME with double deck coaches
I will first take IC train to Kolding. In Denmark it is important to get on the right coach as the trains are splitting in some stations.

There is no cafe or bistro on Danish trains, but in 1st class a simple breakfast is served.

180 km/h is the maximum speed of IC3/IR4 train
Great belt bridge

Intercity train to Esbjerg is an IR4

Here in Odense, the train is split in two parts

The station I visited the other day


IR4 in Kolding
MY 28 "Victoria" from Midtjyske Jernbaner

Next train is an IC3 to Tinglev
Vending machine onboard IC3
In 1st class coffee is included

The train continues to Sønderborg
IC2 trains parked at Tinglev station

IC3 train to Germany
Border station Padborg
111 222 from Rail adventure in Padborg
Flensburg bypass railway to the right

Switching to RE train here in Flensburg

Rendsburg bridge

Class 445 "Twindexx" in Neumunster

Time for lunch

DB Class 622 or Alstom Lint 54
Lint 41
Many trains at the same time here in Neumünster
Twindexx and ICE1

Class 112

A freight train is passing Neumünster

Two EG locomotives

Don't feed the birds
My next train is this ICE1 train from Kiel, that will take me to Hannover

I'm travelling with Interrail today, even though it is not mandatory to reserve seats in Germany, I have done it on this route

German beer in ICE train


There is a longer stop at Hamburg main station

ICE4 trains are allowing bicycles onboard

Green Cargo locomotive in Maschen

The railway between Hamburg and Hannover is used by all type of trains

Arriving to Hannover, I can already see my hotel

Metrotram in Hannover

Star Inn hotel was nice and fresh, but I had to pay 1 EUR for each coffee capsule in my room, which I found very strange


Hannover University

Friedrich Von Schiller
Main station in Hannover

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