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Wunstorf, Eystrup, Tostedt, Uelzen, Lehrte

Today I'm spending a day in Lower Saxony, travelling in a circle from Hannover and back via railways Wunstorf-Bremen, Bremen-Hamburg, and Hamburg-Hannover. Actually, this would be the first real railway day on my Europe vacation where I will se about 24 freight trains, and many passenger trains.
 First, I'm visiting one of the major sights in Hannover - Herrenhausen gardens.
 Promoted as "the most important baroque garden in Europe", the park has many sculptures and fountains.

 Schloss Herrenhausen

 Galerie Herrenhausen

 From Herrenhausen gardens, I'm taking Hannover Stadtbahn to the nearest S-Bahn station Leinhausen.
 TW3000 tram manufactured by Vossloh and Alstom

 Leinhausen station is located at the Hannover-Minden railway.
 Two tracks are allocated for S-Bahn, while the other two for long distance trains. Here is DB Intercity with Class 101 locomotive.

 Class 424 from Bombardier/Siemens

 My first longer stop is at Wunstorf
 Wunstorf is a so called island station, with two important railways on each side of the station. Here is Class ET.600 "Stadler Kiss" EMU on the Hannover-Minden line.
 Class 152 "Eurosprinter" ES 64 F at the Winstorf-Bremen railway on the way to Bremen.

 RE train
 Since it is an island station, it is somehow difficult to know at which side the freight train will pass, this one did not travel the way I expected.
 Class 146 is a Bombardier Traxx P160 AC1 locomotive built for DB Regio
 DB Class 218 diesel locomotive
 Class 185 is a Traxx F140 AC2

 ET.600 from Westfalenbahn

 Bicycles are allowed on the train
 Soon, Sweden will get its version of this train in Mälardalen region. Swedish version will be named ER1. Preliminary start date is December 2019.

 Class 145 Traxx F140 AC

 It takes a train to transport cars

 ICE2 train

 Class 152 Eurosprinter

 More cars

 Wunstorf station was constructed in 1848

 Class 187 Traxx F160 AC3 LM from Akiem/Captrain

 IC2 train

 It is a very busy railway here in Wunstorf
 Class 186 Traxx F140 MS from ITL/Captrain Polska

 The train station had no shop, but at the nearby bus station I found this coffee machine
 Class 193 Vectron MS from ITL/Captrain

 My next train is this Regional Express service between Hannover and Norddeich Mole

 Usually there is no need to reserve seats on RE train, but it seems that it is possible on this line
 Nienburg is the last stop for the S-Bahn line from Hannover.
 I'm travelling on the Wunstorf-Bremen railway which opened in 1847. It is 122,3 km long, and the maximum speed here is 160km/h

 My next stop is Eystrup. RE trains is operating once an hour here, so I will spend 1 hour taking photos

 The reason why I stopped in Eystrup, was that it is a smaller station than Wunstorf - hence it is easier to take photos here.
 193 842 Vectron MS, from ELL/WLC - Wiener Lokalbahnen Cargo

 This Vectron MS is equipped with operations in Germany, Austria, Poland and Netherlands

 Not sure how long this train is, but the maximum length is now 740m in Germany (630m in Sweden).

 Intercity train
 Class 155 is an old locomotive from East Germany, manufactured in 1982
 At the time of this photo 155 191 belonged to Railpool

 IC2 train is operating here on the line Norddeich-Leipzig

 Place for bicycle carriage
 Class 140 locomotive
 This 140 184 was manufactured in 1960
 140 184 is used by ELV - Eisenbahn Logistik Vienenburg

 185 013, Traxx F140 AC1

 RE8 to Hannover

 185 398

 Green light for the side track, my next train is approaching

 I'm not travelling all the way to Bremen, instead I will get off here in Verden and switch to a bypass path for the Bremen-Hamburg railway

 Verden-Rotenburg railway is a 27km long bypass railway used by freight, diverted long distance services and one non-frequent passenger service - RB76, operated with this Class 638 diesel car.
 Although the line is electrified, it is now operated with a diesel unit
 Verden station has a shop

 If I would miss this RB76 train, I would need to go all the way to Bremen - which would be a long detour.
 RB76 is operated by EVB - Eisenbahnen und Verkehrsbetriebe Elbe-Weser
628 150 was manufactured in 1993
 Class 440 "Alstom Coradia Continental" has arrived from Bremen
 Class 628
 Space for bicycles

 The line opened in 1928, although there are several old stations along the route, RB76 service has no stops here. Here is Holtum

 The trip is short, and now the train has entered the Bremen-Hamburg railway

 2nd class
 1st class
 RB76 at Rotenburg
 At Rotenburg I'm taking the Metronom service RE4

 1st Class on Metronom
 My next stop will be Tostedt station

 RB41 service to Bremen

 Tostedt station

 Hamburg-Bremen railway is part of the Wanne-Eickel-Hamburg railway connecting Hamburg with Ruhr area. The line is used by Intercity services

 Class 151 is a locomotive manufactured in the 70's by AEG and Krupp

 151 150 from Railpool

 185 054 Traxx F140 AC1

 My next train is this RB41

 My next stop is at Buchholz

 From Buchholz there is a RB service to Hannover through the non-electrified railway Heidebahn. The line is operated with this Lint DMU
 Buchholz has also a railway to Maschen Marshalling Yard, here is a Class 187 on the way there
 187 112 Traxx F140 AC3

 Vossloh DE18 from Maschen

 I'm continuing my journey

 I have reached Hamburg-Harburg, where I will switch to trains on my way back to Hannover

 I will make stops along my way on this line too. There are RE services from Metronom here too, but the railway planner suggest that I should take ICE train for my next journey
 On ICE train, I can have a drink and a snack on my way

 My next stop will be Uelzen

 Inside ICE4 train

 ICE4 at Uelzen
 In 2000, the station was renovated by Austrian artist and architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

 The station has now become a tourist attraction

 193 842 Vectron AC from

 192 102 Smartron from EGP - Eisenbahngesellschaft Potsdam mbH
 Smartron is the newest locomotive from Siemens. The description says: "The ‘Smartron’ is preconfigured for freight traffic in Germany, being optimised for ‘cost-efficient operation with high operational safety’."

 The station can be studied in details for hours

 Even the toilets are worth a visit

 185 543 Traxx F140 AC1 from ITL/Captrain

Rail planner suggest an ICE train for my next trip Uelzen-Celle

 189 930 Eurosprinter

 S-Bahn Hannover operates the line to Celle

 Celle station

 From Celle I'm taking S-Bahn to Lehrte

 S-Bahn in Lehrte
 Current Berlin Hauptbahnhof is located at the same place as the former Lehrter Bahnhof which was serving the most important east-west line in Germany

 Voith Maxima 40CC diesel locomotive
 Suddenly two kids were running to take photos

 A lot of freight train activity here

 Maybe it is not a bad idea to have an orange vest when spending to much time at the railway

 My last train will be this ET.600 back to Hannover

 Inside the Stadler "Kiss" double deck EMU

 Hannover main station
 There are many restaurants located in the main station building

 At the end of the day, a short tour through the old parts of Hannover

 Martin Luther

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