Monday, July 1, 2019

Örebro, Dunsjö, Sannahed, Mosås

In July I will spend time both in Sweden and abroad (in Europe). First week in July I'm visiting different places in Närke, starting with Örebro.
The annual middle age market in Örebro, Wadköping.

Wadköping is an open air museum, founded in 1965 with old buildings from the central parts of Örebro.
Wadköping was created in two stages, the first one in 1965, the second one in 1994. Here is Vävaregården från 1965.
Svartån river


Örebro is also arranging the annual Open art exhibition
Here is ”OUT/Judy & Dorothy (The song from somewhere)” by Elsa Tomkowiak

"Sweaty tummy club" by Erika Stöckel
"Layers" by Tuuli Saarekas

The most entertaining was however the fight between different birds for this piece of bread

At the end the bread ended up in the water

"Pink tank" by David Cerny

"Maskin för backgrundsljud" by Anders Rönnlund

"The nest" by Raija Evelin
"Flower mushroom" by Anna Sörenson Rydh

The following day I'm spending time closer to my kind of art - the railways.
Here in Dunsjö I can spot train 8170 from Mjölby to Gävle
X51 9021

Train 5160 Nässjö-Hallsberg
Rd2 1097

Near Hallsberg, in Sannahed I can see the new train maintenance facility operated by Train Alliance
Rc4 1140
X55 passing by in Sannahed

Y32 at the maintenance facility

X51 9018

Train 76170

X52 9081

Train 5711 Borlänge-Malmö
Rc4 1315

X40 in Kumla

T44 332

Rc4 1290 with original orange SJ livery
Train 66978 from Hallsberg to Umeå

Old rail signals in Mosås
Mosås station


Train 65293

Rc4 1253

Tågab train 27052
Rc3 1040

Tågab train Stockholm-Karlstad as well as SJ train for the same route are taking this longer route to/from Stockholm during the summer, due to railway reconstruction between Stockholm C and Stockholm Södra.

Train 5540 Sävenäs-Eskilstuna
Rc4 1284

Train 6642 Västerås-Hallsberg
Rd2 1099

Later on in the evening I spot train 6604 Kristinehamn-Hallsberg in Svartå
Rc4 1302

Two unusual Transcereales cars here in Sweden
A beach near Svartå
From the beach I can spot trains too, here is an SJ Intercity train


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