Saturday, July 6, 2019

Habo, Vimnarp, Malmbäck, Tenhult

My first week in July will end up with me visiting places around Jönköping.
First, I'm visiting stations located along Jönköpingsbanan and to the west from Jönköping.
The railway between Nässjö and Falköping is connecting South and Western main lines, the complete journey can be done with Västtrafik trains, like with this X52 9036
Located just 5km from Jönköping is this former station of Kortebo

No trains are stopping here anymore

Bankeryd station

The old station of Bankeryd is to the left here

Bankeryd station

Habo station

X50 3290


Jönköping is the host for Iron man competition

Following day I'm taking a tour to the east from Jönköping, here is former Öggestorp station
Vimnarp is located at the South main line near Nässjö

X14 3239

X2 train near Vimnarp

Switching to the non-electrified Nässjö-Halmstad railway, here is Stolpen

Malmbäck station, still in use and operated by Krösatåg Y31/Y32 trains

Former logo of JLT (Jönköping Länstrafik)

I'm back to Jönköpingsbanan railway, Tenhult station was moved from its original location to a place nearby
Former Tenhult station
Current Tenhult station
X50 3291

From Tenhult the railway is continuing down to Jönköping, on its way one can view lake Vättern

View of the railway and Huskvarna town

Husqvarna factory


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