Friday, July 5, 2019

Vretstorp, Mosås, Hallsberg, Mullhyttemo

I'm continuing to visit places in Närke.
 For a change I post here some photos of a hedgehog family instead of cats and trains
 The mother was running away with one of its little hedgehog when she saw me
 The other one was left behind for a while. I tried to feed it with an apple
 After a while the family was reunited again
 X2 train in Vretstorp

 Train 5560 Sävenäs-Hallsberg

 Rc4 1196

 Watch tower in Vretstorp

 Train 49600 Folkesta-Skandiahamnen in Mosås



 Train 4004 Frövi-Hallsberg
 Rc4 1301 and 1254


 Note the dark painted doors - this is one of the upgraded X2 trains testing on the route Skövde-Västerås

 Train 5711 Borlänge-Malmö

 Rc4 1256

 In Hällabrottet there is a museum of stone works
 The railway Kumla-Yxhult was once passing by here. The old office of Yxhults Stenhuggeri AB is here too.

 Visiting Kvarntopshögen hill with its permanent art exhibition on top
 First there is a long staircase

 Svampen in Örebro can be seen from here

 Another visit is the Bergööska house in Hallsberg, the home of the father of famous painter Carl Larsson's wife Karin.

 The walls are decorated by Carl Larsson
 For the same entrance ticket price it is possible to visit the model railway exhibition of Hallsberg
 It has become a tradition for me to visit this place every summer (the only time it is open for public). Each time there is something new here

 Model of Hallsberg's large rail yard

 Old cars outside the museum

 Wild nature is just around the corner

 Near Mullhyttan I'm visiting Skagerhultsmossen, a raised bog
 A tower for bird watchers was installed here in 2015
 Information about the nature around here

 The view from the tower

There is a small cottage nearby, where it is possible to rest 
 Inside the cottage
 "Welcome to the nature"
 The old station of Mullhyttemo, which was once located at Svartåbanan railway

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