Thursday, July 4, 2019

Degerfors to Stockholm and back

Today I will write about a short trip from Degerform to Stockholm and back by train (which I had to make on this summer day).
 Degerfors station in the morning

 Rc4 1279 is parked here in Degerfors
 Train 652 is arriving from Oslo
 Rc6 1405


 Passing by Mosås and the place where I was taking photos from the other day
 The train is taking a longer route through Frövi, due to railway works in Stockholm.


 Tram line in Sundbyberg

 Stockholm C in the summer
 Playing chess is one thing to do while waiting for the train
 My visit was short and now I'm on my way back, this time with train 10636

 The old railway bridge
 Inside X55 train
 10636 train has a timetable with much longer stops than a usual fast train. The stop here in Västerås is 10 minutes.

 Near Hovsta I can spot train 44203 coming from Bro
 The freight train has stopped here to let our train pass
 The stop here in Örebro is also around 10 minutes
 In Hallsberg there is a stop that is 30 minutes
 SJ Regional train in Hallsberg
 Coop train has catched up our train here in Hallsberg
 The train has number 44203 from Bro to Malmö. Just yesterday I saw same train but with the locomotive 185 674 pass by Mosås, here is 185 675 also operated by TX Logistics

 Another train is starting here in Hallsberg

 Rc4 1144 from Nordic Re-Finance

 Västtrafik train from Mariestad
 Y1 1272

 There is a railway work here in Hallsberg, only one track is open ahead

 Campaign from Trafikverket which is upgrading the railway here in Hallsberg, in order to increase the capacity


 A stop in Svartå to let another fast train pass
 Bistro in X55 train
 It is possible to eat and drink in bistro or take the food and drinks to the seat
 Coffee machines
 I'm back to the same place where I started from earlier today - Degerfors
 Train 27053 pass by Svartå

 Rc3 1057

 Railway crossing near Laxå
 SJ Intercity to Oslo
 Rc6 1422

 Flight BA6 Tokyo-London with Dreamliner
 X52 9081
 Train 8925 Örebro-Arvika


 Train 694 Karlstad-Stockholm

 Train 5662 Grums-Hallsberg

 Rc4 1309

 Train 656 Oslo-Stockholm

 Rc6 1402

 Train 10645 Stockholm-Karlstad

 Train 45948
 Rc4 1252

 Train 65220 from Karlstad

 Rd2 1092, Rc4 1189 and one idle Rc4 1191


 Train 48304 Vislanda-Kristinehamn

 Rc2 008

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