Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Storfors, Geijersdal, Rottneros, Vänern

Today I'm visiting some of the highlights in Värmland.
 Startin in Storfors

 Tågab train to Mora
 Rc3 1066

 Visiting Bjurbäckskanalen
 Bjurbäcken has a series of locks
 A cafe is open during the summer

 Bergslagernas Järnväg near Brattforshyttan

 At Geijersdal I will shortly spot a train that do not usually pass here
 It is the SJ Intercity train Stockholm-Oslo, which is taking this route due to reconstruction of the railway near Karlstad.

 Sunne church
 E45 road has some strange marks here
 Next destination is Tossebergsklätten hill, 343m above sea level

 The view from the hill is scenic

 It is possible to climb this tower
 The road to this hill is one of the steepest around here, so the national ski team is practicing here in the winter

 Fryken lake
 It is possible to view Fryksdalsbanan railway from the top, here is a freight train passing by

 Different types of local food is served here
 Stamfrändemonumentet, is commemorating the emigrants from Sweden and Norway to USA, and immigrants from Finland to Sweden.

 Nearby is the Rottneros park
 The park has one of north Europe's largest collection of sculptures


 The railway is passing nearby

 Rottneros station

 Rc3 in Karlstad
 Karlstad station
 X61 in Karlstad
 During the summer it is possible to take this boat for a prawn cruise

 The boat is sailing slowly through the Inner harbour of Karlstad

 The food is served

 Lake Vänern

 Entertaiment onboard

 The dance floor

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