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Leopoldov, Hranice na Moravě, Česká Třebová, Břeclav

Today I'm making a round trip again starting and finishing in Bratislava. This will be the last round trip during this summer Interrail vacation. Today I will be able to take trains of Slovakian and Czech state companies, plus two private companies RegioJet and LeoExpress.
Bombardier Talent from RegioJet
My first train today is Os 3007 from Bratislava to Leopoldov
ZSSK Class 240 is used here for push-pull operations together with two 051 coaches and one 951 driving coach.
Upper deck of the push pull train
There are power sockets near the window

I'm travelling on railway line 120, Bratislava – Žilina
Arriving to Leopoldov - the last stop for this train
Seems that there is a need for reversing the direction of  ZSSK Class 240 for this push-pull train, as it is not supporting this operation.

ZSSK Class 861, diesel multiple unit, manufactured by ŽOS Vrútky
Next is train R 603 from Leopoldov to Puchov
383 109 Vectron MS, from S Rail Lease / ZSSK
First time I see rain in a long time
Trencin castle, Trenčiansky hrad

383 103
Vectron MS locomotives for ZSSK have been in service since 2018

My next train is Ex 128 "Valašský expres" operating the line between Žilina and Prague. Here, ZSSK Class 362, Škoda 71E is operating the train
Previous train R 603 was completely full, even in 1st class
This one is almost empty in 1st class ZSSK Ampeer coach

I'm now taking railway line 125 in Slovakia, and as line 280 in Czechia, the line Hranice na Moravě - Púchov

As I'm in 1st class, I'm ordering some food at my seat
I've crossed the border between Slovakia and Czechia without noticing

Narrow platforms here in Czechia at some stations
ČD Class 814 "Regionova"

IDS Cargo 365 001-7 (ex SNCB Class 12)

Arriving to Hranice na Morave station
Here the line from Slovakia is connected with the main line 270, Česká Třebová - Přerov - Bohumin

Freight cars filled with coal

1293 003, Vectron MS from ÖBB

1293 001

This locomotive is approved for operations in Austria, Germany, Italy, Czechia, Poland, Slovakia, Croatia and Slovenia.

Ex 128 continues to Prague

ČD Class 460

ČD Class 680
From Wikipedia: "ČD Class 680 are electric multiple units operating in the Czech Republic, using tilting Pendolino technology. Built by Alstom (originally Fiat Ferroviaria), they were largely based on the nine-car ETR 470. The first unit arrived in Czechia in 2003."
Today, the Czech Pendolino is primarily operating the line Prague-Ostrava.
It does not stop here in Hranice

Another Class 680, this time heading towards Ostrava

Despite the fact that this train is capable of operations to Germany and Austria, it is today only operating in Czechia and Slovakia.
Tilting technology can be viewed here
ČD Class 740, diesel locomotive - here used by LTE logistics
ČD Class 122, Škoda 57E is a locomotive manufactured in 1967. It has a maximum speed of 90km/h and today only used for freight transports.
The locomotive is supporting only 3kV DC, hence the operation area is only here in northern parts of Czechia, Slovakia and Poland.

Class 362 has a maximum speed of 140km/h

ČD Class 130, Škoda 79E is a locomotive manufactured in 1977. It is a further development of classes 121, 122 and 123.

Locomotives have resistive power control using long-term fechral resistors. The control system allows multi-member control of up to four coupled locomotives, but in practice, more than a pair of locomotives have never been coupled. Another difference from the older series of freight locomotives (121, 122, 123 ) is the use of modern semi-pantographs. To increase versatility and the possibility of deployment in passenger transport, the maximum speed is increased to 100 km/h. (Wikipedia)
Private operator RegioJet operates this station on the route Prague – Ostrava – Havířov – Žilina (SK) – Košice
ČD Class 162 is a DC only version of Class 362.

Because of the financial problems of ČSD (and then ČD and ŽSR) after the Velvet revolution, Škoda rebuilt 9 pieces of the fourth series and sold them to FNM, Italy. These were classified as FNM Class E.630. In 2010, all E630 locomotives were sold to Czech private operator RegioJet and were rebuilt to class 162. (Wikipedia)

ČD Class 362

ČD Class 163
LeoExpress is another private open-access operator in Czechia. While RegioJet started the first train line in 2011, LeoExpress started operations in 2012.
From Wikipedia: "LEO Express owns five long-distance specially adapted Stadler Flirt IC five-car electric multiple units. The first was handed over to LEO Express on 5 February 2012. The trains have on-board WiFi, and are air-conditioned. LEO Express trains are black with golden details and a white company logo.
On 27 September 2016 LEO Express signed an order for CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive to supply three electric multiple unit trains in mid-2018, with a framework agreement for up to 30 more which would be delivered between 2019 and 2021. The order is intended to support the operator's plans to expand beyond the Czech Republic and Slovakia."

ČD Class 363
Class 363 locomotives operate both on the 3kV DC system and the 25kV 50Hz AC system, with a maximum speed of 120 km/h. Production series locomotives started to be delivered in 1984. During 1990 further development to run at 140 km/h lead to the ČD Class 362, but an order for 30 locos was canceled due to financial problems. Some ČD Class 363 and ŽSR Class 363 locomotives are being rebuilt as 362s. (Wikipedia)

My next train is Ex 142 "Ostravan" operated with ČD Class 151, Škoda 65Em
From Wikipedia: "The locomotive class 151 is an electric locomotive of the Czech Railways, created by modernization (type marked Škoda 65Em) of machines of the series 150 manufactured by the company Škoda Plzeň (Škoda 65E). It has the nickname "rat". This 4000 kW locomotive, equipped with resistance control, is designed for the operation of heavy express trains on a 3kV DC system. Currently, this series is one of three ČD series with a maximum speed of 160km/h or higher."

Ex 142 has no restaurant coach, but a mobile coffee service - unfortunately only offering instant coffee.
Continuing my journey along line 270, Česká Třebová - Přerov - Bohumin

Next stop Olomouc
Nice design in the WC

Ex 142 arriving in Olomouc

The train has a mixed variation of coaches, the last one is from ÖBB
ČD Class 371 is a two-system locomotive supporting 3kV DC and 15kV 16 2/3Hz, thus it can operate in northern Czechia, Poland and Germany

Škoda 7Ev "RegioPanter"

It seems that it is common here in East Europe to shunt coaches directly at the station. I almost never see this in Sweden.

ČD Class 714

During 30 min I could spot trains of almost all sort here in Olomouc
RegioJet is using Vectron MS on the line from Prague to Vienna and Bratislava
193 206 is a Vectron MS from ELL / RegioJet
Olomouc station
Tram in Olomouc

193 743 Vectron MS

Another Stadler Flirt from LeoExpress
LeoExpress Flirt is designated as Class 480. It has 5 cars, where 1 car has no doors.
The operation line for LeoExpress trains is Prague-Ostrava, but some trains continue since 2018 all the way to Krakow.

Since it is now possible to travel with LeoExpress with Interrail, I take a advantage of doing that - even if it's only for a short trip. There is no additional cost, but there is a mandatory seat reservation which can be done on the website of LeoExpress.

I take advantage of traveling in Business class

The train is full booked
In 1st class, I got a free coffee drink
2nd class
My trip was short, I'm changing trains once again, now here in Zabreh

Goodbye LeoExpress

Ex 126 train
I forgot to mention that in each train I got a free bottle of water, at the end I have too many bottles to carry
My round trip is coming to an end, I have reached Česká Třebová, where I will take the train back to Bratislava
ČD Class 471 "CityElefant"

ČD Class 162

ČD Class 380

ČD Class 810

RailJet operating the line between Prague and Vienna

ČD Class 814 "Regionova" (to the left) and ČD Class 840 "RegioSpider" (to the right)

My next train is a RailJet to Breclav where I will change trains for Bratislava
1216 228 Taurus ES64U4 is used here
Czech beer is served in the train

Traveling on line 260, Brno - Česká Třebová
rj 371 "Vindobona" from Prague to Graz

Railjet is a high-speed concept from ÖBB with viaggio comfort coaches. Since 2014 Railjet is operating the route to Czechia.

Railjet at Breclav

Regional train from ÖBB in Breclav
From Breclav it is possible to continue to Slovakia with this train
Class 189

Breclav is an important intersection station serving lines to Austria, Slovakia and both northern and western main lines in Czechia.
1116 119, Taurus ES64U2
 753 610 CZ Loko EffiLiner 1600 from CER Cargo Holding SE

CZ Loko is a Czech locomotive and railway vehicle repair, modernization, and manufacturing company, based in Česká Třebová. (Wikipedia)

185 590 Traxx F140 AC2 from BRLL - Beacon Rail Leasing Ltd and LTE Logistik- and Transport- GmbH

My last train today is RegioJet service 1045 to Bratislava
RegioJet is also offering trips for Interrail pass holders, but the reservation is not free and it is not possible to reserve online. As the trip from Breclav to Bratislava was very short, I could buy a very cheap ticket on the website.
RegioJet launched services from Prague to Bratislava in 2016
Seems that older coaches from ÖBB are used here
In 1st class, there is a complimentary snack and drink

Kuty is the first station in Slovakia after crossing the border, however, RegioJet train does not stop anywhere between Breclav and Bratislava
Traveling along line 110, Bratislava – Kúty

RegioJet Ampz coach with "Business + Relax" seats

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