Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Vretstorp, Hallsberg, Laxå, Svartå

A summer day in Närke
 Train 4051 Umeå-Göteborg Sävenäs
 Rc4 1309

 Vretstorp and MTR Express train
 Train 96907 Stockholm-Göteborg, X74 006 with "Västgötaturen" livery.

 Train 7078 Göteborg-Stockholm
 SKJB train "Blå tåget"
 Rc3 1048 or Hectorrail 143.048
 B5, B1, R1, WRmz, and A2K coaches
 Train 68635 from Örebro to Kristinehamn
 Rc3 1063
 Hallsberg rail yard and Hector Rail locomotive pool
 241.010 "Yoda"
 441.002 "Croft"
 141.001 "Ripley"

 During the summer months, Hallsberg model railway exhibition is taking place at Bergöös museum
 X2 and Rc6 trains in model scale 1:87
 Hallsberg station

 241.004 "R2D2" in H0 scale
Two Rd2's and one Re

 Real trains outside the window
 142 105

"Reality" to the left, "Fantasy" to the right

One floor below the model exhibition, is the museum of Hallsberg railway history

Poster from early 90's when the railway on Western Main Line was upgraded to fit X2 trains

TAB (Tågfrakt AB) train 49600 from Folkesta (Eskilstuna) to Göteborg Skandiahamnen
TKAB Train 28922 Charlottenberg-Örebro
X52 9083
Train 10172 Göteborg-Stockholm passing through Vretstorp
X40 3335 and 3311

RRS train 42031 Luleå-Nässjö is normally taking Hallsberg-Mjölby railway, but due to railway works there during the summer, it is taking VSB and the line through Jönköping instead.
Rc4 1162 and 1195

Train 2012 from Göteborg to Stockholm
X74 004
Train 16612 from Degerfors to Hallsberg
Rd2 1080

X74 train with Vingåker Factory Outlet livery
Train 29231
Train 15661 Hallsberg-Grums
Rd2 1104

Train 18919
Train 20432
Now I'm in Laxå
Train 4451 from Södertälje Hamn to Göteborg Sävenäs
Train loaded with Scania trucks
Rc4 1167

Train 20433

Laxå station

Tågab Train 27053 Stockholm-Karlstad passing through Svartå

Rc3 1040
ABS2, B7, B1, R2 and A2K


Train 48843 Kristinehamn-Malmö

Rc2 1045 and 1052

Train 6604 Kristinehamn-Hallsberg

Rc4 1252

Back to Laxå
Train 10199

Ramundeboda church in Laxå
Train 10184

Train 20442

Train 41432 Skövde-Holmsund
HectorRail Vectron 243 113
Train loaded with goods for SCA paper industry

Train 17012 Kristinehamn-Göteborg

Rc3 1041

B5, ABS5 and B1 coaches

Train 676

Train 45943 from Gävle to Norway
The train is transporting goods for construction company Moelven. It stops here in Svartå to let another freight train pass.

Train 5664 Grums-Hallsberg
Rd2 1104

Rc4 1253 and 1200

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