Saturday, July 7, 2018

Vallsta, Alfta, Grycksbo, Gävle

Today my trip goes from Ljusdal to Gävle through railway Bollnäs-Orsa.
 First, a stop in Karsjö.

 Karsjö station

 Next stop in Vallsta

 Rc4 1145, 1303 and Td 356

 Rc4 1193 and 1286

 From Bollnäs I'm taking a road along the Bollnäs-Orsa railway, which is unfortunately do not have any services since 2002. Some stations are however still in place, now in private ownership.
 This is what's left of the railway here in Freluga
 Freluga station
 Heritage railway association DHdJ are working on revival of the railway

 Runemo station

 Bus stop next to the station
 I'm visiting Unesco world heritage site "Ol Anders" Hälsingegård farmhouse

 The farm has some animals

 Alfta station


 As mentioned, no train services along this line anymore, but on the other hand none of the station houses are demolished.

 Today there is a pet shop at this station
 Göringen station, renovated not so long ago

 Furudal station

 Moving on to railway between Falun and Rättvik. The railway part between Grycksbo and Rättvik was dismantled already in the 1967. Here is Slättberg station, the railway (to the right) is now a road.


 Between Grycksbo and Falun, the tracks are still in place

 Grycksbo station. This station house is from 1941

 Heritage railway association Gefle-Dala Järnväg is operating summer services here

 In 2016 the world's first electric road was inaugurated along the E16 road. The track is 2km long

 Checking in at the Railway hotel in Gävle

 View over railway station

 Railway station in Gävle
 Triathlon competition in Gävle

 Railway museum in Gävle - unfortunately closed for renovation

 Hennan station was moved here to Gävle from Hennan (which i visited the day before).

 X51 at Gävle station
 Train 18359 from Sundsvall to Gävle

 Train 9478 from Brista to Gävle hamn. This is a daily service transporting airline fuel to Arlanda airport.

 Rd2 1031

 Train 8467 Gävle-Uppsala

 Gävle South station, in use between 1926 and 1933

 Train 45085 from Ljusdal to Skutskär

 Vectron 243 106 and T66 406 - same two locomotives I saw in Ljusdal the day before

 Train 8174 from Mjölby to Gävle
 Train 584 Stockholm-Sundsvall

 Train 94 Stockholm-Narvik
 Rc6 1331

 Hikers travelling to the mountains north of Sweden

 Södra Kungsgatan

 City Hall
 Gävleån river

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