Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Hörnsjö, Nyåker, Norrfors, Långviksmon

5th day of north of Sweden journey, today I'm travelling from Vännäs to Örnsköldsvik.
 Vännäs station in the morning light

 T44 0346
 Train 4325 from Skelleftehamn to Helsingborg
 Rc4 1266 and 1155

 Decoration of the local grocery store
 Spöland was a small station just outside Vännäs

 X11 3112 in Vännäs
 Train 9103 (to the left) has arrived to Vännäs

 Re 1431 and 1426 (Traxx F140)
 Train 9103 is a daily service between Luleå and Borlänge. The train is leaving Luleå at 03:18 and arriving to Borlänge at 19:30, a trip of around 1000km.


 Train 42590 from Göteborg to Umeå

 Rc4 1141

 I've reached Tallberg bridges. The old railway bridge is not anymore used for service.

 The first bridge
 The newest bridge
 Train 41914 from Oslo to Narvik (Arctic Rail Express)
 Cargonet El16 2210 locomotive

 Train 41902 with Traxx F140 185 709
It was not easy to find this spot

 Not far from the bridge the railway was re-built to take a more straight route in a tunnel
 The tunnel named Glödbergstunnel is 1,7km long and it was built in 1995. Here with train 41905 and Traxx F140 locomotive 185 706

 I'm visiting Nyåker where I found a museum about the nearby bridges
 The old railway station
 Nyåker is famous for manufacturing Ginger biscuits (Pepparkakor), 35% are exported to USA.
 It is possible to buy these biscuits in a local shop
 Museum about the bridges and Nyåker

 Nyåker station - built after Hällnäs model
 Most trains are now passing through the new tunnel, but the old railway route is still there, working as a passing loop


 Train 41961
 Traxx F140 185 700


 Train 41962
 Traxx F140 185 714

 Train 9118 in Trehörningssjö
 Traxx F140 Re 1432 and 1437

 Train 4051 Umeå-Göteborg
 Rc4 1173

 Same train later on in Långviksmon


 1952 there was an explosion here in Långviksmon, when a freight train loaded with ammunition caught fire.

 Train 42504 from Göteborg to Luleå. It is delayed with 270 minutes

 Mellansel station

 My last stop for today is Gullviks camping outside Örnsköldsvik
 No trains here

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