Sunday, July 8, 2018

Storvik, Tåghallen

I'm still near Gävle, today I'm visiting Storvik and Vehicle storehouse which is open while the Railway museum is renovating.
 Storvik station built in 1875

 Post house

 Court house

 Train 47413 Iggesund-Kristinehamn

 Tågab Rc2 010

 Tran 39361 Gävle harbour-Insjön
 The train is heading to container terminal in Insjön. One of the companies using this terminal is the retail chain Clas Ohlson.

 Rc4 1159 is owned by Nordic Re-Finance and hired to CFL Cargo

 Train 9114 Luleå-Borlänge

 Re 1425

 Train 8171 Gävle-Mjölby
 X54 9067

 Train 8115 Gävle-Örebro Södra and X54 9056
 Train 9106 which is delayed with 548min this day
 Re 1424 and 1435

 Train 51479 from Kiruna to Kalmar organised by Kalmar Veterantåg heritage train association
 "Destination Nordkalotten" was a charter trip between 30th of June and 8th of July and the price for this trip was 17600SEK

 Ma 828 from 1953

 Coaches are S21, S22T, S2, R3F, A5F, A2, WL3, WL3T

 The slogan of Kalmar Veterantåg is "Res avspänd inte fastspänd" which means that one should travel relaxed, not strapped.

 Train 5019 from Haparanda to Hallsberg
 Rd2 1107

 Vehicle storehouse ("Tåghallen") in Gävle is open today
 "Swedish Railway Museum's collections contain a large number of preserved vehicles in authentic condition. The collections are of international top class and consists of over 300 vehicles from the mid-1800s to today, including Prins August which is the world's oldest operable locomotive."

 There is a railcar shuttle between Tåghallen and Gävle C.

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