Monday, July 2, 2018

Jörn, Storsund, Älvsbyn, Piteå

Today I'm continuing my journey further north along Stambanan genom övre Norrland. 
 Far away is the Karsbäcken "driftplats"
 The railway over Skellefteälven river was re-built with a new bridge in 1993.
 Remains of Kristineberg-Boliden ropeway
 Some wild life on the streets

 The old railway was passing through Kusfors, which is now a cafe during summertime

 The old steam locomotive SJ B 1268 from 1915 is located here

 The view over the river and the new bridge

 Jörn station from 1893 is one of the most beautiful along this railway. It is very similar to Mellansel station.

 The station is operated by both night trains and regional trains
 Designed by Folke Zettervall, it is built in so called "Fornnordisk" style, or Norwegian Dragestil, inspired by Viking and medieval art and architecture of Scandinavia

 Waiting hall

 Inside there is some kind of second hand shop

 The old railway hotel built at the same time as the station.
 Roundhouse in Jörn



 Ålsån river

 Byske Älv

 Långträsk - another station built after Byskemodellen type. I've already visited Ekträsk and Åsträsk the day before.

 1044 from Stockholm and 328m above sea level

 Waiting hall

 Koler station
 All morning has been without trains, most probably due to some maintenance work on the railway. The first train I could spot was here in Koler at 13:30. It was train 9106
 Steel train from Luleå to Borlänge is usually operated with two Re (Traxx F140 AC2) locomotives, here there are 3 Rc4 locomotives. Green Cargo has ordered and received new Softronic Transmontana locomotives which will be used on this line in the future. It will then be enough with 1 such six-axle locomotive which will have the power output of 6MW.
 Rc4 1143, 1254 and 1263

 The last station of "Byskemodellen" that I'm visiting this time is Storsund

 Train 4375 from Gällivare to Skelleftehamn

 Rc4 1155 and 1266

 Älvsbyn station is the last I'm visiting today at the Main line through upper North

 Train 7104 from Umeå to Luleå
 X52 9042

 Train 88276 from Umeå to Notviken
 X11 3167 and 3189
 X11 was manufactured in the late 80's and used by Skånetrafiken. Here in the north, X11 is usually used for service Umeå-Vännäs.

 Train 41859 from Murjek to Piteå
 Siemens Vectron from Hector Rail
 243 111

 Train 9118

 Re 1432 and 1437

 I've reached my final stop for today - Piteå
 My hotel today (to the right) is sharing the same location as my favourite bar
 City hall square
 Pite havsbad beach, also called "The Riviera of Norrland"

 Cecil park
 Piteå church

 The sunset up here is late, around 23:40 in Piteå in the beginning of July
 This means that it is possible to view the long shadow of myself for a long time

 The branch line Älvsbyn-Piteå here in Piteå. Hector Rail 161.106 (former NSB El15) from 1967
 Rd2 1126

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