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Hällnäs, Ekträsk, Bastuträsk, Skellefteå

During the next two days, I will continue my journey further north along Stambanan genom övre Norrland (Main Line through upper Northland). Today I will travel from Umeå to Skellefteå.
 First stop is Tväråbäck

 Next is Vindeln. There is a platform here for long distance and regional passenger trains.

 Train 41919 "Arctic Rail Express"
 Traxx F140 AC2 from Railpool, hired to CargoNet

 Book station
 At Hällnäs, there is a whole bunch of trains.
 Here is Hector Rail 941 001 "Morricone" manufactured by Vossloh and named Vossloh G2000 BB
 Another diesel locomotive here in Hällnäs is TMZ 1408 from BLS Rail
 These diesel locomotives are transporting freight trains along Hällnäs-Storuman railway

 Hector Rail is switching from diesel to electric locomotive here in Hällnäs for the timber freight transport
 Hector Rail Vectron AC DPM 243 103 and 243 111
 A view from a little bit south of Hällnäs
 Train 6186 from Vännäs to Storuman
 Green Cargo Td 406 and TdE 364
 TdE 364 is manufactured in 1976, now it is equipped with ERTMS
 Norrtåg 7490 from Umeå Östra to Hällnäs
 X62 005

 Last time I visited Hällnäs was in 2016, back then the station was empty, now all 4 tracks are occupied with trains.
 Also, on this day 1st of July, there is an event "Motorträff" at the station.
 Hällnäs sanatorium built in 1926

 "Hällnäs historia" community was organising trips with heritage railcars during summer of 2013
 Next is Yttersjön

 Ekträsk station built in 1894
 The station is designed by Adolf W. Edelsvärd and it is identical to 9 other stations, built in so called "Byskemodellen".

 View from the street

 Hector Rail Vectron locomotives I saw earlier in Hällnäs, have collected the timber freight and now heading north as train 41876
The train is heading to SCA paper industry in Munksund outside Piteå

I'm trying to visit all operation sites (Driftplats) along this line, now I've reached Lubboträsk. The map of all "driftplats" sites is available here.
Next is Åsträsk

Åsträsk station is identical with Ekträsk

Watch out for snakes
The roads are straight and empty here in the north
Bastuträsk station
The station opened in 1894, but the current building is from the 60's
Inside there is a waiting hall with free internet, and a second hand shop
The station has its own website and a Facebook page

Books for sale. The buyer is deciding the price
The old ticket counter
There is a camera outside the station. Live pictures are available here
This is me

Bastuträsk has 369 residents according to Wikipedia

#Bastuträsklever (Bastuträsk is alive)

The night train from Stockholm to Luleå/Boden stops here early in the morning, the night train back late in the evening. During the day, there is a Norrtåg service between Umeå and Luleå.
Here is service 7123 from Luleå. The trip with train takes 3h40min. There is a more frequent bus service between Luleå and Umeå, which takes 4h40min, but on the other hand it is covering larger towns like Skellefteå and Piteå on its way. Once Norrbotniabanan railway is completed, the route will have frequent train services.
Operated with Norrtåg X52 9034
The long platform for the night train

Green cargo train 4371 from Gällivare to Skelleftehamns övre. This freight train operates every day and it is a cooperation with Boliden company. Aitik shuttle transports copper concentrates from the Aitik mine in Gällivare.

Rc4 1162 and Rd2 1102

Kiosk from 1924

Train 62377 from Älvsbyn to Hallsberg, operated by Nordiska Tåg AB

Rc4 1160
Former F5 coach
The train is transporting rails

Train 9106 from Luleå to Borlänge

Re 1429 and 1433, aka Traxx F140 AC2

Transporting steel for SSAB

My journey today is ending in Skellefteå. From Bastuträsk there is 64 km long branch railway to Skelleftehamn
The railway is only used by freight trains.
The train station in Skellefteå opened in 1912. The last passenger service was used here in 1990.
Hopefully the train station will serve once again as a station once the new Norrbotniabanan railway will open
The old station is today the office for a driving school and a political party (Centerpartiet)
SJ logo is still visible

Bonnstan in Skellefteå is a so called church town built in 17th century

I also pay a visit to Skelleftehamn and Rönnskär
T43 250 from Railcare (former Three T)
Rönnskär plant owned by Boliden
Skelleftehamn station

Rc4 and Rd2 I saw earlier in Bastuträsk
Sankt Olovs church
276 707 bicycles were passing here during 2017

This church is built in 1926

Skellefte river is 410 km long

Älvsbacka bridge opened in 2011

Skellefteå landsförsamlings church is much older, it dates back to 1500, but it was rebuilt in 1800
Park bridge from 1913

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