Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Ställdalen, Klenshyttan, Gräsberg

A short tour around Bergslagen.
 Rällså driftplats
 Polhemsgruvan built in 1958 and shut down in 1967
 Bergslagen was once an important mining district

 The tower is 44m

 On both sides of the Polhemsgruvan are the two railways, here is the TGOJ line (Oxelösund-Grängesberg), also know as Silverhöjdspåret
 On the other side is BJ line (Göteborg-Falun), also known as Hörkenspåret

 Bridge in Ställdalen
 Train 8168

 X51 9012

 To the left is the Silverhöjdsspåret, TiB trains are usually taking this line from Ställdalen to Grängesberg.
 Freight trains are taking the other line, Hörkenspåret, to the left here.
 Train 5753 Borlänge-Göteborg Sävenäs.

 Rc4 1172 and Rd2 1079

 Ställberg gruva was operational until 1977. Since 2013 the mine is a culture institution "The non existent center" 

Klenshyttan and train 7010 Göteborg-Mora

Rc3 1041
B1, ABS5, and B5 coaches

Gräsberg. Remains of the mining age next to the railway
Train 68653 from Vallvik to Kristinehamn

Rc2 001 and TMY 101

Train 65635 Borlänge-Smedjebacken
Rd2 1078
There are not only trains in the forests of Bergslagen

Train 45966 from Norway to Hallsberg in Svartå
Rc4 1287

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