Thursday, July 12, 2018

Mårbacka, Hagfors

Today I'm taking a tour to Värmland, without actually seeing any trains in service.
 First, a bridge over Norsälven river. The railway is between Kil and Torsby and it is called Fryksdalsbanan.
 The bridge is located near Gunnita village and it has appeared in a movie from Lars Von Trier "Dancer in the dark" with a famous Train song
 Mårbacka is a mansion near Sunne where the famous writer Selma Lagerlöf was born and raised. Today it is a museum.
 "The wonderful adventures of Nils" is a famous book by Selma Lagerlöf
 The view over Värmland from Mårbacka
 During the summer month the Hagfors Railroad Museum is open
 The museum has railcars from the NKlJ (Nordmark Klarälvens Järnvägar) railway which was operating between 1877 and 1990 between Karlstad and Hagfors
 This museum opened in 1987
 Railcars with narrow gauge (891mm) can be viewed here

 Last passenger service went in 1964 and the freight trains were in service until 1990

 "Uddeholmaren" (to the left) is a narrow gauge version of X20

 NKlJ 102


 Draisine can be rented between Hagfors and Stjärnsfors

 The old Hagfors railway station

 The railway line was once here in front of the station

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