Monday, July 17, 2017

Travemünde, Tomelilla, Killeberg

Today I'm travelling back to Sweden, after my short car trip to Hamburg. This time I choose a classic ferry route operated by TT-Line, from Travemünde to Trelleborg. The line has been in service since 1962. 
 Before entering the ferry, I'm visiting Travemünde, which is a popular sea side resort.
 Unfortunately the weather was not inviting to have a swim.
 Train station
 Travemünde Strand station
 Former Travemünde Hafen station building

 White duck
I'm entering the ferry terminal in Travemünde. There are several options to drive from Hamburg to Stockholm, the fastest is through Puttgarden-Rödby and Öresundsbridge, but it would still take 11h, so one of the advantages to take TT-Line ferry is that almost half of that way it is possible to sleep during the night. The faster option according to ViaMichelin would cost €78.11 including the bridge €48.41 and the fuel €29.70. On top of that the ferry between Puttgarden and Rödby costs €95, so the total cost would be €173. Smart ticket price for TT-Line ferry for 1 car and 2 adults is 205€ + the cheapest cabin 98€, in total around 300€. In any case - it is not cheap.
River Trave
 This vessel seems to have changed its name
 All TT-Line ferries are named after fictional characters, here is Robin Hood. Our ferry is Huckleberry Finn.
 From Travemünde there are ferries to Finland.

 The trip takes 9,5h from 22:00 to 07:30

 After leaving the ferry, it is possible to drive along the long beaches of the south coast of Skåne.

 I'm driving along Ystad-Eslöv railway and the station Köpingebro
 The railway here is operated by Skånetrafiken X61
Between Malmö and Ystad, there are trains each 30min, while between Malmö and Simrishamn it is once per hour. The line to Ystad is from Helsingborg (via Teckomatorp), while the line to Simrishamn is from Höör.

Tomelilla station at Ystad-Eslöv railway.
From Tomelilla, the trains have to change direction in order to continue to Simrishamn along Österlenbanan railway.
The line to Eslöv is discontinued since 1981
Brösarp along the Ystad-Brösarp railway, which was closed in 1972. Parts of the railway, as well as this train station is today preserved by Skånska Järnvägar (SkJ) heritage railway association.

Knislinge along the Hästveda-Karpalund railway, closed during the 90's

At Killeberg, there are however no disruption in services. Södra stambanan railway is located here.
The station here closed in 1971, but is no re-opened since 2013.

X2 trains Stockholm-Malmö, and X31 trains Copenhagen-Kalmar do not stop here.

Ma 833 manufactured in 1954, and it is "still going strong"

A plant near the platform
Hectorrail freight train with Eurosprinter 441.002.5 "Croft"

The second locomotive is a Traxx 241.006 "Calrissian"

Diö station also re-opened in 2013

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