Monday, July 10, 2017

Kejsarbacken and GBBJ

Today I'm visiting railway museum in Grängesberg and on my way Kejsarbacken passing loop on the Bergslagsbanan railway.

 Some photos of airplanes while I'm waiting for the train

 Kejsarbacken passing loop has a steep slope which is unusual when building passing loops
 There are not many trains passing here, here is Tågab from Göteborg to Falun
 Rc3 1040 + B1 + BS5 + R2 + AB3

 Seems that two different catenary constructions are used here, here is the 1st one
 The 2nd one
 Green Cargo 15757 Borlänge-Sävenäs (Göteborg)
 Rc4 1252

 On my way to Grängesberg, I'm stopping at Ställberg
 Haggruvan mine, it was shut down in 1968
The entrance to the museum
 The museum is called Lokmuseet or Grängesbergsbanornas Järnvägsmuseum (GBBJ) and it opened in 1979 located at the railway yard from 1928
 Museum has about 160 vehicles, many from TGOJ railway (Grängesberg-Oxelösund)
 Inspection vehicle (to the left) and TGOJ steam locomotive 95

 T23 121 diesel locomotive (to the left) and steam turbine locomotive M3t 73 (to the right)
 SJ steam locomotive B nr 1281

 TGOJ X20 203 (VL - Västmanlands lokaltrafik)
 X23 201

 X20 202 TKAB


 Oxelösund - Flen Västmanlands Järnväg, OFWJ
 After the mining was disrupted, many buildings in Grängesberg became empty, here is Björkallén street

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