Thursday, July 13, 2017

Floby, Fristad, Varberg

Before my "main" Europe trip, I'm making a short trip to Hamburg by car. On my way I try to see as many places related to trains as possible. Today the trip will be to Varberg, on the Swedish west coast.
Floby is train station along Västra Stambanan railway opened in 1858.
The station is operated by Västtåg to Göteborg/Skövde.
X2 train at 200km/h speed
Källeryd - I have passed this place many times by train
Station house is still in place

From Västra Stambanan I'm turning south along Älvsborgsbanan. Here is Ljung station


Viskafors. I'm now following Viskadalsbanan
The railway opened in 1880 and it is operated only by Västtåg between Borås and Varberg.
The railway has poor standard, some of the stations looks abandoned.

Varberg Apelviken Camping, a "train" station for children.

Sanatorium in Apelviken was founded in 1904, today it is a hotel.
Västkustbanan between Göteborg and Lund was modernised since 1980s to have double track standard except two parts, one in Helsingborg the other one in Varberg. There are plans to built a tunnel in Varberg, but the financing is unclear.
The ferry to Denmark, which I will take the next day

Until the tunnel or any other solution for double track is in place, current railway is located just next to the sea, which makes a scenic view both from inside the train, and for photos from outside. Here is an X31 Öresundståg.
During the summer, SJ is using X2 trains all the way between Göteborg and Copenhagen, while the rest of the year this service is operated with X55 and only to Malmö.

On the hill between the camping and the town, there are sheeps, which are not afraid of the people.

X31 near the camping

The railway is used both by passenger and freight trains

Beautiful stranger

Bike road to Helsingborg and Göteborg

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