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Poznań, Wrocław

My 3rd in Poland starts in Lodz, today I will visit Poznan and Wroclaw.
 Taking a tram from the hotel to the station.
 Łódzki Dom Kultury - Cultural center
The entrance to the station Łódź Fabryczna

 Since the station is a terminus, most long distance trains are not serving this station, but the Eastern station of Widzew. To get there I take a local service.
 The local train operated by Łódzka Kolej Aglomeracyjna
 Modern Flirt3 trains entered the service in 2014-2015
 Tickets can be purchased on board
 After a short ride I'm at Widzew station
 IC service "Orzeszkowa" from Jelenia Góra to Białystok

 Pesa 214M
 Pesa Dart

 Lodz Widzew station
 My next train is an IC "Barbakan" to Poznan
 Škoda 59E from 1965, operated by CTL Logistics
 The train has ČD Class 182 in Czechia or Seria 182 ČD in Poland
 ED160 Stadler Flirt train for PKP Intercity
 From Wikipedia: "PKP Intercity in August 2013 ordered 20 eight-car 3 kV DC units with interiors for long distance travel and top speed of 160 km/h (99 mph), for service on four long distance routes in Poland, from a consortium of Stadler Polska and Newag for delivery by October 2015."
 IC45102 "Hutnik" from Katowice to Gdynia
 My next train will be ED160
 It is IC38104 "Barbakan" from Krakow to Szczecin
 The train has both 1st and 2nd class
 1st class coach

 Łódź Chojny
 Due to railway works, some EIP trains were re-routed this summer to pass through Lodz without stop

 The train is taking railway nr 14 Łódź Kaliska – Tuplice until Ostrów Wielkopolski, then railway nr 272 Kluczbork – Poznań Główny

 Zduńska Wola

 2nd class coach
 Dining coach

 The maximum speed on this railway is 120km/h


 Škoda 61E (ČD 183) for Bulk Transshipment Slovakia.
 Bombardier TRAXX F140 MS from AKIEM (hired to Captrain).
 EU07-423 from 1986 branded as Dolnośląskie Linie Autobusowe Sp. z o.o.
 Pesa 218M

 The train has arrived to Poznan
 Poznań Główny (main station) located in the Poland's fifth largest city
Solaris Tramino S105p
 Moderus Beta MF 02 AC
 Siemens Combino

 Poznań Old Town

 Modertrans / Tatra RT6 MF06 AC
 Back to the station
 Water for dogs
 Next train is also an Intercity, but with traditional locomotive and coach train
Coach made in Poland
 IC to Wroclaw
 On the other side of the platform is an EN57 to Kołobrzeg
 Intercity train is hauled by EP07 locomotive
 1st class compartment coach
 Time for a beer in the dining coach

 I'm taking railway nr 271 from Poznan to Wroclaw. It is 213km long and it is part of European TEN-T route E59 from Scandinavia to Vienna, Budapest and Prague.


 This railway has maximum speed of 160km/h. From Wikipedia: "From 1916 to 1918 , the Balkan train was operated periodically , and in the second half of the 1940s the Balt-Orient-Express train from Stockholm to Istanbul was passing (on this line)."

 PKP class ST43 diesel locomotive from Romania
 Modernised version of ET22 (modernised in 2010)
 1st class coach is of type A9nouz modernised by Pesa in 2015 (original coach type is 140A)
 Another IC train 3802 "Matejko" from Przemyśl to Świnoujście


 Newag Impuls

 Bridge over Oder river
 Wrocław Mikołajów

Wrocław Główny, until 1945 named Breslau Hauptbahnhof
The train operated by Przewozy Regionalne, since 2017 branded as Polregio
EP07 locomotive on the route R67901 from Szklarska Poręba Górna to Poznań Gł
To the right is Newag Impuls (36WE) train on route KD67369 Malczyce - Legnica

B16mnopux coach manufactured in East Germany

EN57 to Lichkov which is in Czechia. My original plan included this train on the following day, but due to unclear timetable (it was mentioned about bus replacement) I had to change to another route. As it turned out the service was operating normally, but it was too late for me to change my plans once again.
The station was refurbished in 2012
During my day of the visit, Wroclaw held "The World Games".

Konstal 105Na
Pesa Twist tram operated since 2015

Škoda 16 T
The vehicle was designed by Porsche Design Group.
I'm visiting Wrocław Świebodzki (or Breslau Freiburger Bahnhof)
This is the oldest train station in Wroclaw, but it has been out of service since 1991
Part of the building is now a theatre.
The railway was serving railway line nr 274 Wrocław Świebodzki - Zgorzelec, which the border town to German Görlitz.

Wroclaw is today connected with Germany by the line Dresden-Wrocław-Express
The line is operated with Siemens Desiro Classic (DB Class 642) DMU operated by DB Regio Südost
The trip takes 3h 45min with max speed of 120km/h

Old City Hall

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