Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Haparanda, Tornio, Kemi

Today I'm planning to visit Haparanda. Since there are no passenger trains operating there, I'm renting a car for one day. Perhaps I can visit part of Finland too. 
 First I'm making a short stop at Norrbotten railway museum, which was unfortunately closed in the morning. But, some of the trains are outside and can be viewed anyway.
 The museum is located on an abandoned railway from Gammelstad to Karlsvikshyttan opened in 1906.
 Koskullskulle station moved from a town near Gällivare to this museum in 1986.
 Looks like this coach has been used in Slovenia
 I'm moving on further north to Kalix following Haparandabanan railway, built in 1915. At that time it was the only railway connecting Germany and Russia, and it was used by Lenin when he travelled to organise the revolution in 1917.
 Since 2012 the railway from Kalix is following new, straighter route to Haparanda. The reason was that the old railway was too expensive to modernise, while the new route is much shorter.
 The new railway has a very good standard. Unfortunately no passenger trains are using it, only freight. There are plans from Norrtåg to introduce service to Haparanda, and perhaps also to Finland.
 Haparanda station designed by Folke Zettervall and the only one service railways with both standard and russian gauges.

 On one side the tracks are of standard gauge, 1435mm
 On the other side, 1524mm
 The bridge with four rail gauntlet track formation is connecting Sweden and Finland

 Torne river
 On the other side is the Finnish town of Tornio. The station Tornio-Itäinen (East) is serving a night train service 3 times a week between Helsinki and Kolari.
 Swedish language is used in Finland as a secondary language

 Not far from Tornio, is a much larger train station in a town of Kemi.
 Kemi is serving Intercity line Oulu-Rovaniemi.
 The locomotive is a VR Class Sr1 built in USSR between 1973 and 1985. This one (3090) is built in 1981.
 The double deck coaches are built by Transtech (now part of Škoda Transportation). Here is control car Edo 28638. It can only be used as push-pull coach with Sr2 and Sr3 locomotives.
 The other three coaches are Edb 28404, Erd "Duettoplus" restaurant coach and Eds coach 28211.
"E" means 2nd class, "d" double deck, "b" business, "r" restaurant.
 VR Class DV12 diesel locomotive
 Built by Lokomo and Valmet between the years 1963 and 1984. This one is from 1975.
 Sr1 3088 from 1981
 Dv12 2526
 ATR-72 plane operated by Nordic Regional Airlines (part of Flybe and Finnair).
 IC 416 to Oulu

 Another Intercity train arrives
 It has two Sr1, 3051 and 3006.
 Ed coach


  1. Nice work. I am planning to go from Lulea to Helsinki in January 2019 so this report was very informative for me. Unfortunately it seems Lulea - Haparanda passenger train services have not begun. I've emailed Norrtag to see if they will give an update after reading the linked article on here. Thanks.

    1. Thank you!

      If I understand correct, they don't have enough trains at the moment to operate the line to Haparanda. After new ER1 trains will be delivered to Upptåg (Uppsala-Gävle line) in 2019, current Regina trains will be moved to Norrtåg so they will be able to start operating the line to Haparanda, according to this press release it will happen in 2020-2021