Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Today I'm leaving Luleå and heading to Gällivare. The reason is to take Inlandsbanan train the next morning.
Historic IORE coach at Luleå station

SJ Intercity train to Narvik. It has 3 coaches: S-SSRT B9 5201, S-SSRT BFS9 5206, S-SSRT B2 5537.
B9 coach has an unusual compartment with seats in all possible directions. The compartment was intended for smokers.

BFS9 coach with a café and staff compartment.

The station in Gällivare is currently being modernised.
Station designed by Folke Zettervall in 1894.

Green Cargo Td

"Watch out for trains"

Inside the station is a tourist shop

Gällivare church

Other side
Fjällnäs castle built in 1888 for colonel Carl Otto Bergman, who became one of the owners of the iron ore mining in Gällivare.
Dundret mountain


El16 hauling ARE train

To compensate the cold weather, the hotel I was staying at had a nice jacuzzi and sauna.
The view from the roof of the hotel.

Second ARE train

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