Friday, July 7, 2017

Östersund to Mora

Today is the second part of the journey along Inlandsbanan, from Östersund to Mora. The rest of Inlandsbanan from Mora to Kristinehamn has no regular services anymore (except for short part between Nykroppa and Kristinehamn). Last year I've covered that part as I was visiting it by car.
 On my way to Östersund train station in the morning

 Inlandsbanan AB railway company has both passenger and freight trains. Here is one T44 from 1969
 Manufactured by NOHAB (Nydqvist & Holm AB)
 Y1 1344 from 1980

 This line is more popular than yesterday's
 Between Östersund and Brunflo, Inlandsbanan is sharing the tracks with Mittbanan, but shortly after Brunflo they are separated
 Travelling through Jämtland

 Four legged passengers
 Hydropower in Hackås
 Storsjön lake
 Ljungan river

 Max speed is 130km/h or 1km at 28sec
 One of the longest straight parts on the line, about 10km long

 A longer stop at Sörtjärn

 The first Y1 cars were manufactured by Fiat in Italy, but later (like this one) were manufactured at Kalmar workshop

 Sveg airport

 A combined rail and car bridge

 Coffee stop at Fågelsjö, everything is prepared for the arrival
 On this part there is only 1 train operating, the same train will return back to Östersund from Mora later same day.

 Björnidet station is also the highest point along Inlandsbanan, 524m above sea level
 Along the line are the old facilities to refill the water into steam trains
 One of the most spectacular bridges along the line is Storstupet, 34m

 The line from Bollnäs
 Orsa roundhouse

 Fryksås village on top of the mountain
 Bridge over Österdalsälven
 Mora central station

 T66 406E (E for ERTMS) from Rush Rail (now overtaken by Beacon Rail)
 X51 9009
 Gustav Vasa monument
 The small train has a small shop onboard
 Final stop is Morastrand
 After having a lunch break in Mora, I'm heading to Mora Central to take my last train for today back to Stockholm

 The train back is an SJ Intercity
 Siemens Vectron 193 970 rented by Hector Rail

 1st class coach
 Siljan lake


 Peace and Love festival in Borlänge


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