Saturday, July 1, 2017

Stockholm to Abisko 2

When waking up the next morning I'm already in the north.

Kiruna station
Statue "Rälsbäraren" by Torsten Fridh.
Iron ore train

Luossavaara mountain
Green Cargo T44RB 351
The train has to change direction at Kiruna, as the station is a terminus.
Rc6 from Stockholm continued to Luleå, while the part of the train that continues to Narvik got another Rc6 - 1327. This one is owned by Trafikverket, as they are financing the line to the north.

Roundhouse in Kiruna
LKAB Malmtrafik company office
LKAB Malmtrafik owns 28 IORE locomotives. Here is 3 of them. IORE 131 Straumsnes
IORE 109 Abisko
IORE 124 Kaitum

X52 9034 Norrtåg

Kirunavaara mountain
"Totem" by Oskar Aglert

Maunajaure lake

Lulit Suorri river


Approachin Torneträsk station
3 identical stations designed by Folke Zettervall, the other two are at Abisko Östra and Vassijaure.
The building is a combined station and a transformer facility.

Torneträsk lake

IORE 120 Kaisepakte


A couchette compartment after the night
Abisko Östra

Most passengers get off here at Abisko turiststation
The trip from Stockholm up here took 17h30min

The train continues to Narvik
Kungsleden trail is just outside the station

Arriving at the hotel in Abisko
During the summer the cable car to Nuolja mountain, 900m above sea level.

The view from the top. An Intercity train from Narvik to Luleå is passing.

Abisko village

It's not much trees up here, but there are some flowers

Abisko Aurora Sky Station. During the winter people come here to watch the northern light.

Rallarmuseum at Abisko.
My plan is to walk a part of Kungsleden on the following day, but today I have time to walk from Abisko to Björkliden, which the next train station.
The trail is passing through the avalanche area.

Björkliden is a small village and an ski resort during the winter.

Björkliden station

There are only 2 trains per day here, so I'm lucky to catch one back to Abisko.

EUROFIMA stands for "European Company for the Financing of Railroad Rolling Stock". Looks like this coach is financed by this company.

IORE 114 Rautas

Each train has 68 cars

I did not had to wait long until the next train was passing by.
This time it is from Narvik to Kiruna.

IORE 121 Rombak
Each locomotive is named after a station along the Iron ore line.

The station has been upgraded in 2012 to allow meeting of 750m long trains.

Service vehicles are parked here at Abisko
Each vehicle has a pantograph.

Lapporten can be viewed already from the platform.

Besides IORE and SJ trains, there are also freight trains operated by Cargonet, also known as Arctic Rail Express (ARE) from Oslo to Narvik. Today there were supposed to be 3 such trains within some hours in the direction to Narvik.
CargoNet EL16 2215
Norwegian EL16 is a very similar to Swedish Rc4

2nd ARE train is operated with CargoNet 185.711 Bombardier Traxx locomotive

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