Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Strömstad, Ed and other places in Dalsland

This day was rainy too, so the pictures will be a little bit dark. In the summer SJ have some extra services for vacation traveller, one of them is X2000 service from Stockholm to Strömstad. That is my goal today, on the way there I will visit some other places.
 First some stops along Vänerbanan. Värmlandsbro station is a small stop operated by Värmlandstrafik.
 However, it seems that in this years timetable this stop was suspended.
 Värmlandsbro station. Just 200m away is the old station building.
 Here it is, now it is a restaurant for nearby E45 car drivers.
 Vänerbanan is operated by SJ, Tågab and local train services.

 Åmål station in Dalsland.
 The railway was one of the first longest built in Sweden, and it was between Göteborg and Falun.
 Old sign.

 It was privately owned and was operated by the company Bergslagernas Järnvägar.
 Ed station at Norgebanan. The railway between Göteborg and Oslo is passing through here, this is the last stop in Sweden.
 The lake Stora Le can be viewed from the station.
 Today the railway is very old and it has been faster to take a bus between Göteborg and Oslo.
 NSB which operates the train service here is now using BM73 train which has tilting technology. This together with some upgrades of the railway is making the train trip take 3h50m (the bus is taking 3h20m).
 For a train lover each extra minute is valuable. BM73 was built since 1999 and it is based on Swedish tilted train X2.
 NSB is thus operating service Göteborg-Oslo, and SJ is operating service Stockholm-Oslo.
 There are future plans for high speed railway between Norway and Sweden, but it would probably take a long time before I can take some photos.

 Waiting hall in Ed station.

 The bridge between Sweden and Norway over the lake Kornsjö.
 Kornsjö is the first station in Norway, but no trains are stopping here.
 Kristiania was renamed to Olso 1925, which was its original name before 1624.
 Final destination for today is Strömstad. It is the last stop on Bohusbanan railway which starts in Göteborg.
 Strömstad is a harbour town and there is a ferry service to Norwegian Sandefjord.
 There were plans to continue Bohusbanan all the way to Oslo, but the independence of Norway from Sweden in 1905 changed these plans.

 X2000 train to Stockholm is parked here. This service is running only in summers.

 Strömstad is an idyllic sea town with easy access to the archipelago.

 On the way back passing through Säffle station.

 Sven-Ingvars band is playing in town.

 Grums station.
 SJ X52 is approaching Grums from the north. This service is operating Göteborg-Karlstad.
 X52 is meeting here with another X52 from Värmlandstrafik.

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