Saturday, July 18, 2015

North of Sweden: Luleå

Day 5 on my northern journey goes to Luleå which is the largest city up here.
Boden is working as a railway junction, where Malmbanan goes east to Luleå.
In a similar way as Umeå Östra station is placed next to Norrlands hospital, a station next to the hospital in Luleå is also located, 15 km from the centre of Luleå.
Sunderby hospital station was opened 2000, and the bridge over the tracks was installed 2010.
The hospital.
Next on the way to Luleå is Gammelstad. The station was here until 1988.
One can still find name of the street telling that a station is close.

Gammelstaden is the oldest part of Luleå, even though it is placed a bit from the centre.
The main building is the church surrounded by 408 small cottages. The farmers in the outlying villages built their church cottages in order to be able to stay the night there in connection with attending church.
The third station on the way to Luleå centre is Notviken.
Next to the station is the server hall of Facebook, the first in Europe. Why here? Cold climate - good to cool down the servers.
First time I can see a traffic sign in russian here in Sweden.
Street art about the immigration issues
Parking space for SJ Norrlandståget in Luleå

Luleå central station.
Monument to one of the first trains on Malmbanan (Iron Ore Line).
X52 train in Luleå. Behind are the building of the newly developed area Kronan, which was a military base before.
Malmbanan is operated first of all by Iron Ore trains (can see one behind X52).
The train has the highest load in Scandinavia: 8600 tonne. The first part of the railway was built between Gällivare and Luleå and the first train left 1888. The new locomotive IORE was developed by Bombardier and delivered between 2000-2007. Today it is one of the most powerful locomotive in the world.
Another X52 is arriving, strangely not same colours as the other one (both are operated by Norrtåg).

X52 is used here for services between Luleå and Kiruna.
Luleå Cathedral.
The beach may be looking good in the summer, but the Ice breakers behind reminds of the long winter period here and the need for them.
Ice is one of the reasons why Malmbanan was built further west to Narvik, where the port is ice free thanks to the Gulf Stream.
Local beer that can be found anywhere in Sweden.
Inside a night train.
A typical sleeping coach compartment.
In this first class (Sovvagn) each compartment has its own bath room.
A second class sleeping coach with 6 beds (Liggvagn).

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