Friday, July 17, 2015

North of Sweden: Boden

Day 4. This day was supposed to be travelling from Umeå to Boden by Norrtåg day train. Unfortunately, this train was cancelled by Norrtåg, due to the bad quality of the Main Line Through Upper Norrland and as a consequence decreased speed. This change was made just some weeks before, which in my opinion is totally unacceptable.
So, giving me no other choice I had to take SJ Norrlandståget night train from Umeå at 06:54 (not my favourite time of the day). This train started all the way in Göteborg at 18:35, arriving in Stockholm at 22:33 and travelling all night to Umeå.
The train has different type of coaches, this one is with chairs (the cheapest one), and almost full this time of the year.
The trip from Umeå to Boden is basically a 4 hour trip through the forest (just some small railway towns are on its way).
People are sleeping at this time.
The final destination is Luleå, however there is a possibility to change train in Boden for travellers to Narvik/Kiruna.
People are getting off at Bastuträsk, a connection station to Skellefteå.

Jörn station.
Norwegian cargo trains are using Main Line Through Upper Norrland, as there is no railway through Norway all this way up.
Cargos for Norwegian retail customers.

Älvsbyn station.
Boden. To the right is the Intercity train to Narvik.
In Boden, the Main Line Through Upper Norrland meets Malmbanan.

The locomotive has to change direction for further trip to Luleå.
Boden is an old military town, with many fortresses, here is Rödbergsfortet.
From Rödbergsfortet, it is possible to see Luleå in clear weather. The guide told that the cannons could reach Luleå.
Message in several languages.
Boden station.

SJ Norrlandståget is a daughter company to SJ in cooperation with Trafikverket. 2 daily services are operated with 4 hour difference. Rc6 locomotives are used with top speed 160km/h, and they are of course equipped with ERTMS to be able to operate on Botniabanan.
In the afternoon, on the of 2 Norrlandståg is heading to Stockholm.

The underground tunnel to the platform is painted with different motives representing the north and its people.
One of the paintings is dedicated to Lenin, who travelled through Boden and Finland to Russia.

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