Friday, July 3, 2015

Germany: Frankfurt, Cochem, Rüdesheim am Rhein

The trip is continuing further west to Frankfurt. 
 Here are some trains at the Nuremberg station, before leaving to Frankfurt. This one above is Bombardier Talent 2.
 This one is the luxury version of Intercity, also known as Metropolitan.
 ICE-T train will take me further to Frankfurt.
 Frankfurt is the main financial centre of Germany and Europe.
 Frankfurt main station has 24 platforms and is one of largest one level railway hall.
 Next day, the trip is going along the Rhine and Moselle rivers. Here is the Rhine river seen from Intercity train.
 The final destination today is town Cochem. To get there there is a change of trains in Koblenz.
 Intercity from Frankfurt is going further north to Kiel.
 In Koblenz, some new trains can be viewed. Here is Siemens Desiro ML used for Rheinbahn service. This type of train can also be seen in countries as Belgium, Austria and Russia.
 Here is Stadler Flirt used for VIAS service. Swedish X74 for MTR Express is using a similar model.
 Here is Stadler Kiss used for Luxemburg railways CFL.
 Stadler Kiss and Flirt are connected together. The "love" is completed :-)
 From Koblenz the trip is ending in Cochem. The train is heading further to Luxemburg.
 Cochem train station.
 The town of Cochem is a picturesque town on the river Moselle.
 The view from Reichsburg, the imperial castle.
 Inside the castle.

 The river Moselle.
 The train station viewed from the castle.
 The temperature outside this day was more than anyone can expect in this part of the world.
 The railway in Cochem is used for cargo trains.
 Here is another CFL train to Luxemburg.
 Bombardier Talent 2 is also used on this railway.
 This train will take me back to Koblenz.

 Back in Koblenz, the last stop for this train.
 Rheinbahn is operated by Transregio. This train is used on the western side of the Rhine river.
 On the eastern side, the VIAS company is operating.
 The railway from Koblenz to Frankfurt is on both sides of the Rhine river.
 Trains can be viewed all the time.

 Burg Pfalzgrafenstein.

 Next stop for me is town of Rüdesheim am Rhein.

 Many cargo trains are passing here.

 The town as many others in this area are famous for its winery.

 Cargo trains are passing here with a very high density. Together with a cargo shipping on the river, this route makes an important path from north to south in Germany.
 The trains are passing nearby the town, and there have been plans to build a bypass tunnel to avoid the noise for the citizens and tourists.

 Among all the cargo trains, few passenger trains are passing here.
 The train station building of Rudesheim.
 Now it's time to move further back to Frankfurt.
 The train is passing by Wiesbaden.
 Back in Frankfurt. This is Bombardier Itino, a familiar diesel car in Sweden, also known as Y31/Y32.
 This train is only operating in Sweden and Germany.
At the end Bombardier Traxx locomotive with Bahnland Bayern logotype.

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