Monday, July 27, 2015

Fryksdalsbanan and surroundrings

Today my trip goes to Värmland and more specific Fryksdalsbanan railway.
 The railway is placed along the Fryken lakes, the length is 80km. The railway is non-electrified and is in some places in a very poor shape, thus creating many discussion whether it will survive or not. Here is first stop after Kil - Trångstad.
 Today there are both passenger and cargo traffic here.
 In each stop protest billboards can be found appealing to keep this railway alive.
 Most stops have really few citizens, here is Trångstad.
 In Tolita there are only 57 citizens. Tolita is a Finnish name and means "Cold hole".
 Tolita station house is now privately owned.

 Frykåsen station.
 The quality of the railway is sometimes poor.
 Bäckebron station.
 Non electrified railway allows trees to be very close to the railway.
 Reminder of that sometimes trains are replaced by the bus.
 Perhaps one of the most beautiful view from a waiting bench?
 V Ämtervik station.
 Y31 is arriving from Karlstad.
 Continuing to Torsby.
 Öjervik station.
 Here is an example of renovated vs non-renovated parts.
 "Artrik vägkant" is a project by Trafikverket and WWF showing places with rare plants.
 Öjervik station.

 Rottneros station is close to one of Europes largest sculptures paks.
 Rottneros park is opened during the summer.
 Rottneros station.
 Bridge over Rottnan river.

 The river ends in Fryken lake.
 Nearby The Kinsmen monument, which symbolises Finnish immigration to Värmland and the emigration from here to America.
 Kolsnäs station and the nearby camping, which is one the largest in Sweden.

 First "big" town along the railway is Sunne. Nearby is Mårbacka - the place where famous Swedish writer Selma Lagerlöf lived.
 Sunne church.

 Sunne station.

 Several stops after Sunne are still there, but no trains stops here anymore. People who owns the houses are somehow arranging its property for nice living, as here the bench on the platform.
 Ingmår station.
 Ivarsbjörke station, which is now an art shop and b&b.
 Trains passing without stopping.

 Lysvik station.

 Oleby station.
 Torsby which is the last stop.

 This is where the track ends.

 Y31 also known as Itino.
 On the way back passing through some nice nature in Värmland.

 Nordmark-Klarälvens railway was once here but was demolished during 1990. The only tracks are left between Stjärnsfors and Hagfors.
 Depot road.
 Stjärnsfors station.
 Now used for trolley rental.

 Hagfors railyard.
 In Filipstad, the famous Inlandsbanan which however is not in use at this part.
 Maybe someday...
 Filipstad station saw the last train 2003.

 Daglösen station. The railway between Kil and Ställdalen has in some parts been modernised recently.
 To the right is the connection for Inlandsbanan.
 In Storfors, one passenger that is not going anywhere.
 A rarity for this part of the railway - Tågab service operating once per day here.
 2 passengers are waiting in Storfors. The service is between Borlänge and Karlstad.
Tågab is using old SJ coaches, B1, BS5, AB3 and locomotive Rc3.

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