Thursday, July 16, 2015

North of Sweden: Main Line Through Upper Norrland

Day 3 in the north. Today the trip goes to Lycksele.
At Umeå, the Botniabanan is ending, until the new Norrbotniabana is built all the way to Luleå, the trains have to use the old Main Line Through Upper Norrland (Stambanan Genom övre Norrland). The trip from Umeå to Lycksele is normally operated by the one and only diesel car Y1 that Norrtåg has, but this day it was broken, so the electric X62 was replacing until the last electrified stop Hällnäs.
Hällnäs station was the prototype for 43 other stations in Sweden, that is why it is sometimes called Hällnäsmodellen.
From Hällnäs, the rest of the trip was done by bus. Unfortunately of course, since my goal was to use trains as more as possible.
Hällnäsmodellen sign. No other model has been used so much as this one.
The station has now a cafe.
In Lycksele there is a zoo.
Local animals are represented.
The monument to the people who dared to come over here and live.

Lycksele station.

Back to Main Line Through Upper Norrland, here is Vindeln station.

Many streets here have a relationship with the railway.
Main Line Through Upper Norrland is heavily used by goods/cargo trains.

Vännäs station was during a long time the railway connection point to Umeå from Main Line Through Upper Norrland, until the opening of Botniabanan.
Thus the station building was built to represent this importance.
The station building is almost identical to the one in Boden.
And it is worth studying more closer as the details seems to had great importance when it was projected.

The old railway hotel is next to the station.
The north is in the air and on the facade of the Vännäs train station.

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