Sunday, July 5, 2015

Germany to Netherlands

The train trip is going further to Netherlands, today I'm taking the train from Frankfurt to Utrecht.
 At Frankfurt station.

 ICE-3 train series consists of 3 different classes, the newest one is 407 (also known as Siemens Velaro D). Similar trains will also operate in Turkey and as Eurostar service to UK.
 Unfortunately the 407 series was several years delayed, so the new trains have started the operation only few years ago.
 From Frankfurt, the train is supposed to run 300km/h on the Frankfurt-Köln high speed railway.
 This line is one of 2 high speed railway lines in Germany allowing speeds of 300km/h. The other one is between Nuremberg and Munich.
 The line is basically an upgrade of the railway along the Rhine river, but this one is only used by passenger high speed trains.

 Unfortunately the 407 series train had some difficulties reaching 300km/h, so the passengers had to switch to another train in Köln.
 Arriving to Köln.
 The famous railway bridge over Rhine river in Köln.
 Köln dome in the background.
 Here is the malfunctioned 407 series.
 The replacement train is another ICE-3 but 403 series.

 In 403 series, there is a possibility to view the drivers cabin.
 Unfortunately the 403 series is not suitable for operations outside Germany, so the passengers had to change trains one more time, this time in Emmerich, to 406 series (also known as ICE3M - multisystem). 403 is to the left, 406 is to the right.
 The 406 series has NS logo (Nederlandse Spoorwegen), but is owned by both DB and NS.
 Cargo trains are transporting new cars.
 Utrecht is this year the starting point for Tour de France.
 But biking is done here since many years ago, and all year round.

 This cat seems to not care about any train problems or tour de france.
But after a good beer, no problems are important anymore.

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