Saturday, July 11, 2015

Amsterdam to Paris by Thalys

After taking plenty of photos of Thalys trains in Rotterdam, Antwerpen, Liege and Amsterdam it is time to take this train and travel to Paris.
Thalys service is operating once per hour, the travel time is about 3 hours, so it is possible to take train in the morning and come back in the evening.
There are totally 17 trainsets of Thalys PBKA where each set has 257 2nd class and 120 1st class seats.
Travelling with speed of 300km/h is really fast compared to conventional trains and cars. Most high speed railways are built close to car high ways.
Thalys service from Amsterdam to Paris is passing through Belgium, here is the town of Mechelen.
In France there are no stops until Paris. Same railway is shared for Eurostar service to UK:

Inside the 1st class coach.
Finally in Paris, Gare du Nord station. 2 Thalys sets were coupled together in Brussels, the one coming from Amsterdam together with another one from Essen.
Gare du Nord is one of 6 railway stations in Paris, it is the busiest railway station in Europe, and second busiest in the world (after Tokyo).
Eurostar trains are here too.
The older type of TGV, from Gare du Nord this train is travelling to Lille among other places.
SNCF TER 2N NG train, familiar from Sweden. In Sweden it is named X40, also known as Alstom Coradia Duplex Nordic.

Paris Gare du Nord

Just next to Gare du Nord, there is another train station - Gare de L'est
TGV Réseau train at Gare de L'est.
From Gare de L'est, there are international services to Germany.
Playing piano at Gare du Nord
For passengers travelling with Eurostar to UK, there is a requirement to go through passport control before getting on the train.
Alstom Régiolis (to the left) is the newest train type from 2013.

Onboard the Thalys 1st class train, the food and drinks are included in the ticket price.

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