Saturday, August 26, 2023

Groß-Gerau, Izmir

I'm on my way to Izmir, Turkey with a stopover at Frankfurt airport. While having the stopover, I'm visiting the nearby station of Groß-Gerau
From the plane window at Frankfurt airport, I can spot trespassing wildlife
There is no direct train to Groß-Gerau, I have to change trains at Mainz-Bischofsheim
VTG Vectron

Bischofsheim railyard is full of wires
Now I'm there

I like this station, it's old with low platforms and it has many trains
Alpha Trains Traxx with country package: D, A, H

Bombardier/Alstom Traxx and Siemens Eurosprinter (the latter one not in use)

Green transport

Station fauna

186 492 with country package: D, A, NL, B (strikethrough CH, I)

RTB Cargo
193 824 with country package: D, A, H, RO
"Düren" - that is between Cologne and Aachen

192 047, Smartron

485 011 from Switzerland

SkyUp Airlines - an airline from Ukraine!

Classic diesel locomotive 

Lufthansa Cityline

Back at Bischofsheim

I'm back at the airport, today using C-gates for a change. These are the non-Schengen gates for low cost airlines, like Condor and Eurowings Discover

From Frankfurt to Izmir I'm flying with SunExpress airline, which is a joint-venture by Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines, nevertheless, it is treated as low cost and it is not part of Star Alliance.
The majority of the passengers (if not all of them) are of Turkish ethnicity, the same is for the crew
Izmir is the 3rd largest city in Turkey

I will not have time to photograph trains in Turkey this time, as I'm here for work and the time is limited
No trains in Turkey this time, but a lot of cats
They are basically everywhere, unfortunately homeless

Already on the way back, also flying through Frankfurt

In Frankfurt I'm heading once again to Groß Gerau
Not as sunny as it was some days ago, but it's the end of summer so the weather can change quick
Günni Güterzug

A bunch of Traxx AC1

193 110 is a special locomotive, it is labeled as the 300th newly built for Railpool leasing company
D, A, I, CH, NL

The trains today are switching to/from the Mannheim line

ecco-rail, D, A, CH, I, NL, B

From Mannheim

189 110, SBB Cargo

Something is wrong on the line ahead, so only one track is open. I think it is a freight train that is blocking the railway

More SBB Cargo

I think it was this train that was blocking the road

Flight spotting at FRA

Flying beast

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