Friday, August 4, 2023

Merxheim, Schwindratzheim, Wilwisheim, Stephansfeld, Geispolsheim

Today I'm checking out railways Mulhouse-Strasbourg and Strasbourg-Paris
The first stop is at Merxheim
There are two different TER on this line, the fast one between Strasbourg-Basel
And the slow one with more stops between Mulhouse-Colmar and Selestat-Strasbourg
Unfortunately, the weather is even worse today than yesterday, the summer seems to be over

Just as I expected, there are freight trains on this line
Freight train with Intermodaltrasporti containers
The train is on the way to Italy, probably through Switzerland
This locomotive supports F and CH, so it will be able to get to Muttenz rail yard

TGV service from Luxembourg to Montpellier?

Continuing beyond Strasbourg and further on the line to Paris - Schwindratzheim station

It's heavy rain, but I have an umbrella
Many diesel freight trains here

Avis de recherche

437040 with support for Switzerland and Germany

Most probably this train is coming from Switzerland
And it could be heading on the way to Belgium, Zeebrugge perhaps

And now it's raining again


437045 and BB 37037

DE18 302 CFL Cargo


Old fashioned TER



On my way through rail yard in Strasbourg
The only non-SNCF locomotives are parked here
Alstom HLE13 1332, Lineas

DE18 308


Arriving at Selestat

Now, on my way to Basel

Taking the Nightjet to Hamburg, which is an extremely popular train. I could get a last-minute bed in a shared compartment


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