Saturday, August 19, 2023

Östervärn, Alvesta, Stockaryd, Hallsberg

The second part of this trip will be covered in this post, it is the trip from Copenhagen to Hallsberg
From Roskilde I took a direct train to Kastrup, bypassing Copenhagen central station
From Kastrup there is an overcrowded train to Malmö
Today I'm staying in Hotel Lundia, which is in Lund

It has been raining in Germany, but in Sweden it's sunny
CargoNet on the way to Norway

Caroli Church
Celebrating the end of summer with a craft beer
The annual Malmö festival is taking place today

Breakfast in Lundia, simple but tasty
Alvesta station
CFL Cargo from Karlshamn to Göteborg is taking a detour due to railworks at Västkustbanan 
187 413 is one the newest locomotives in Sweden

Same train later at Stockaryd

What a coincidence - I'm at Stockaryd again

The local kids wished to appear on a photo

I had no luck with Hector Rail in Germany, but better luck here in Sweden
This one is coming from Falköping

Local cats are less friendly than local kids

Local message board

Stockaryd church is a place for devotion

Another Hector Rail, this one is from Katrineholm

Freight train is making way for X2

Four-legged passenger
Heritage train at Sävsjö

At X2 bistro, one can microwave its food purchased on board

Arriving in Mjölby
From Mjölby taking TiB train to Hallsberg, the reconstruction of the railway is in progress near Godegård


The summer is definitely over

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