Friday, August 18, 2023

Prisdorf, Dauenhof, Rendsburg, Owschlag, Odense

Just as I usually do at the end of August, I am traveling to nearby countries for a weekend. This time I was planning to go to Norway, but due to a recent heavy rain most railways there were closed so I had to replan to visit Germany and Denmark instead.
I am planning to fly to Hamburg and then go by train to Sweden. There has been a derailment near Arlanda so the commuter trains are only going to Märsta station
From Märsta there is a bus to Arlanda

There is no direct flight to Hamburg, so I go through Copenhagen and also visiting SAS lounge at Arlanda

From Copenhagen there is a small plane to Hamburg

From the plane window and when taxing to the runway, I can spot the bridge

After a very short trip, landing in Hamburg
Now, the S-Bahn to Barmbek
It's still warm, so I can have my welcome drink outside
On the following morning, the weather turns to grey and rainy
Prisdorf station at the railway between Hamburg and Neumünster
Eurocity train to Prague
EG 3102 from Scandinavia to Maschen

Class 112 still used on some Regional trains

Traxx AC1 and a very short freight train

Not only red trains, here is a green one
Volvo train from Älmhult to Gent

DB Cargo Scandinavia train to Hallsberg and Rosersberg

Double Traxx

Another Eurocity to Prague, there is one coming from Flensburg and the other one from Kiel

DSV Intermodal train at Wrist


DSB Intercity

Car transport train

EG 3101

EG 3112 at Schleswig

Better late than never, Hector Rail at Schleswig

The next day, I'm on my way further north. This time I got lucky having my own compartment on DSB Intercity 

EG 3108 at Odense

That's what this train is trying to do

Due to malfunction on the line ahead, all traffic is suspended and the passengers have to take busses
It's chaos here at Slagelse, there are basically no busses 
There is a local train to Tølløse
Here at Tølløse I can change for a train to Roskilde

At Roskilde I can see that the main line is reopened, but only for freight trains?

I didn't have much luck on this trip, neither with the weather nor with the trains

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