Friday, September 1, 2023

Örebro, Mosås, Hallsberg, Laxå, Svartå

Time to visit something in Sweden, as usual it will be around Hallsberg, Örebro and Laxå.
Also, I happened to get Covid again, so it's better to stay at home. This time it's less serious, so I can be outdoors for a short time, avoiding people which is not that difficult.
Örebro Södra
Örebro C

It has been raining a log recently in Sweden and Norway

Cyborg is now used for container transport to the north, I think it is Piteå

What do I see there? It's the new X80 from former Bombardier (today Alstom), passing by Mosås
X80 is a further development from X50-X53
There are similarities between X50-X53 and X80, they have 3 cars and 2+3 seat arrangement, also there is a special wide body that is allowed in Sweden.  
There will be 45 train sets for Västtrafik, and the delivery is expected in 2024

Stora Enso train

185 624 from Alpha Trains / Nordic Re-Finance / RRS
In 2009 the locomotive was used in Norway by CargoNet and got the number 119 005

RRS is the railway operator for Sandahls logistic company

Örebro S station with Mälartåg departing to Uppsala

Coop train at Örebro S
185 682

A bit later, another Coop train

It's beginning of September, and it can still be some nice summer days
Local cats are very suspicious

Laxå station

Rc4 1152 CFL Cargo

A bit unusual to see a train coming from Värmlandsbanan at Laxå station
It's a boiler train from Karlstad to Göteborg

Surprisingly I was invited to visit Laxå railway model association located at the station building. This is how Laxå station looked once with many tracks 
And that's the track coming from Värmland
Otherwise much is still the same here

The railway clock was about to be thrown into the rubbish by Trafikverket, but was saved at the last moment by members of Laxå Model Railway association
Today more trains are using the track to Värmland, which could be due to railworks at Vänerbanan

Unauthorized railway crossing

We've already had ELL leased Vectrons for Snälltåget, now there are more of them that are also used by freight operators. Here is BLS Rail to Göteborg. Not to be confused with Swiss BLS Cargo. In this case, BLS is the abbreviation from the 3 co-founders of the company: Thomas Blidér, Jørn Lindberget and Magnus Sandgren

118 001 is the first Vectron approved for DE-AT-DK-SE-NO which is version B18 of the Vectron

CFL Cargo to Avesta Krylbo

Diesel T44 from Mariestad to Hallsberg

119 006, RRS

187 413, CFL Cargo



Flixtrain Vectron with a freight train
It is Hector Rail to Holmsund

The railway between Laxå and Karlstad has been renovated all summer, finally everything is completed

Here is Tågab to Osby

CFL Cargo at Hallsberg station
The train is coming from Karlshamn, taking a detour to Göteborg

Re 1434 at Örebro C

185 414, RRS

Rainy day at Hallsberg station

Trains heading south have take eastern connection due to railworks

441 001, Hector Rail to Ånge

It's autumn and it is time to take care of fallen leaves on railtracks
Svensk Tågkraft train to Nässjö

A couple of older Y1, which you don't see that often nowadays

A longer X55 train 

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