Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Sorgues Châteauneuf du Pape, Bédarrides, Courthézon, Bollène la Croisière, Donzère

From Avignon I will be heading north in the direction of Lyon

Finally Avignon has got its own tram line
The fast TER to Lyon from Avignon Centre. The even faster service would be from Avignon TGV station

This note is not correct
Freight trains are bypassing the station
I'm traveling along PLM Imperial line, and for the first time at this part just north of Avignon
Sorgues Châteauneuf du Pape

Freight trains are arriving this morning from the north
37038, CFL Cargo

37523, Europorte

And now a train heading north
27145M, Naviland-Cargo

The wagons are from Hupac

Another Naviland Cargo

Coradia Polyvalent Regiolis Bi-modal dual voltage



TGV on the conventional line
26107 with ArcelorMittal wagons

427029 with country package F, L


37531, Captrain France with country package F, D

A very quite train that I've almost missed


7346 and 7360


E 186 313, Euro Cargo Rail

TGV from Avignon Centre to Paris via Orange, Valence and Lyon Saint Exupery TGV

I have to leave the railway for a while and find a supermarket

Here it is

With fresh lunch and cold water, I can resume my spotting

Not much variation here in France, on the other hand - France is the only country where you can spot Alstom Prima locomotives (sometimes also in Germany and Hungary)

Bollène la Croisière

E 186 318, Euro Cargo Rail with Transfesa Car transport to Spain

The wagons can go all the way to Barcelona thanks to standard gauge railway from Perpignan 


A train is coming in my direction, but I'm not done here yet


The small label says: "1er OPM"

37042, CFL Cargo
With country packages: F, D, CH

"Your 1500m train"


Euro 4000, E4043 VFLI


Now, I'm taking the train

A short stop at Donzère

On the way to Lyon now


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